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the driver was black

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....yeah, that happened.

If that happened, there will be a valet who can validate his story.

If that happened, who is the driver who called him a nigger?

If that happened, did he complain to the company that sent the driver, and what happened to that driver?

And they didn't state what race the driver was. Was he white? Black? Hispanic? Middle Eastern? Asian?

And all of this is a 2nd hand account told to him, and by the time he tells us, makes it a 3rd hand account.

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Boo fkn hoo. So finding out via a third party that you were called a nigger is a story worthy of international news now?

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https://archive.fo/Y1lTf :

Moonlight director Barry Jenkins reveals he was called the N-word | Daily Mail Online

"Moonlight director Barry Jenkins has revealed he was called the N-word by his own driver during last year's awards season while promoting his film.", "Or some dude walking to the bar?'(He) literally said

'This dude is probably going to be nominated for Best Director. ' And then he called me that s**t right before."

'The award-winning writer and director spoke about the racism he experienced during an appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday. ', "A mishap at last year's awards saw 'La La Land' mistakenly announced as the winner of best picture instead of Moonlight.", "It is a follow-up to his best picture winning 'Moonlight' - a low-budget independent film that took center stage at last year's Academy Awards."

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Call a spade a spade.

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'The Nigger' - wouldn't that be a good thing? Sort of like 'The Man.'

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I doubt it happened.

If it did happen he must have been a first class dick to the guy for him to call him that. Drivers of VIP's just don't throw that word around at their companies customers. It is a career ender.

This is what we get for changing society to be extremely accommodating and inclusive of them. With the lack of real life hateful racism for them to face, they make these things up.

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It either didn't happen or the driver was black.