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I can't believe anybody on Earth still gives a fuck about Star Wars.

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Doing spoilers is a waste of time and effort. This thing will be on TV just as quickly as the last couple SW turds.

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I am drinking, debated downloading it for free. Decided to do it and spend 15 mins torrenting it.

I don't see what the problem is other than the movie is not that great. But not that terrible either.

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I have not seen the movie.

But it sucks.

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Not great, but it does not suck. Only one miscegenation at the start. White folks running around. The music score sucked, yeah. But it was not bad.

Not great either. But way better than most movies.


Acting was not terrilble. Some scense may have been stupid, but so was the original trilogy.

I don't know. Thing folks are too hard on this.

Edit: And I realise I spelled everything wrong possible, but I am okay with that :)

lichess.com ... density87

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I liked it more than the other new ones but that instantly abrasive waddling-fatass niggerbot was laughably stupid. And it's name? L3-37. Another fuck you to the fans.

Three stars.

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I was expecting to get true hatred. I just don't feel it yet.

Maybe it is all the vodka I am drinking to dull my senses.

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I'm happy you're enjoying the movie, that's what movies are supposed to do.

I haven't seen it and are not interested. The equal rights joke sounds horrible.

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Did you read "I, Robot"? Not the stupid, ridiculous movie. The book. Utterly amazing. It is eventually something (no spoilers). It is mind blowing, at least for me.

And in this Star Wars movie, the robots are looking for freedom, like any highly intelligent life form.