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From my perspective, not all but a huge chunk of voat is some sort of intellectual elite, really

Now I mostly hang in news so i can't claim I know voat, but when I compare the quality of exchange I have sometimes here, with what I get IRL on a day to day basis... It's simple I feel like talking to delusional retards, IRL

Not saying I'm super smart, but that the average level of dumb surrounding me, a very politically correct form of dumb btw, is quite frightening

Europe may have survived Nazism and Communism, but it appears that Multiculturalism – the third major strain of Western extremism – will be the death of the continent.

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I always wanted to say to you ... Kalgon take me away.

Any way, my friends are awesome, reddit is the dumbest motherfuckers, and you voater are kinda in between :)

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and now I sound like a nigger. I can ever smell it. Oh well.