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omg if alex jones is an extremist what's the average voater then lol

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I think we are pretty insane (non-shills). We truly are whach jobs.

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From my perspective, not all but a huge chunk of voat is some sort of intellectual elite, really

Now I mostly hang in news so i can't claim I know voat, but when I compare the quality of exchange I have sometimes here, with what I get IRL on a day to day basis... It's simple I feel like talking to delusional retards, IRL

Not saying I'm super smart, but that the average level of dumb surrounding me, a very politically correct form of dumb btw, is quite frightening


Europe may have survived Nazism and Communism, but it appears that Multiculturalism – the third major strain of Western extremism – will be the death of the continent.

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Heh yes well that's so very true isn't it? can't be in the truth game without resistance and sometimes you will even be hated for telling the truth. It's said. Maybe people do get the governence they deserve.

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truth hurts

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This is the beginning of real fascism.

We found the king of the boomers

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Nobody who calls Alex Jones an extremist is your friend

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How about controlled opposition who deflects from the real (((problem))) and blames a vague and nebulous group instead?

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Woods should listen to Jones. He might discover that he has a lot in common with Alex.

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Freedom of speech means the ability to express your views even if others disagree. That's not what is happening now. This is nothing more the full blown, out in the open, MSM censorship in a desperate attempt to save the deep state.

It won't work.

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Agreed I'm all for free speech Civility & mutual respect are also a keystone of civilized discussion

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His wording seems slippery and weird, this Woods.

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https://tweetsave.com/realjameswoods/status/1038585189537144832 :

James Woods on Twitter: "I’ve never read Alex Jones nor watched any of his video presence on the internet. A friend told me he was an extremist. Believe me that I know nothing about him. That said, I think banning him from the internet is a slippery slope. This is the beginning of real fascism. Trust me."

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