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So many movies I've never heard of before reading the title to this thread. I should take something like pride in that.


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https://archive.fo/VU5wB :

‘The Nun’ To Open To Best Box Office For ‘Conjuring’ Movie; Thursday Night at $4M | Deadline

'In addition to the best Thursday night and opening weekend in The Conjuring universe, The Nun‘s Friday stateside also repped the best opening day in the franchise. '

'Through the first four films, The Conjuring universe counts $1.2 billion at the global box office. '

'Best overseas and global haul for a Conjuring pic belongs to Conjuring 2 with $217.9M abroad, $320M global. '

'The best Thursday night posted by a Conjuring pic belongs to last summer’s Annabelle: Creation which scared up $4M before a $15M Friday and $35M opening weekend. '

'The last series pic, Annabelle Creation’s top markets where Mexico, Korea and Brazil. '

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