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Well, this is not the usual #metoo shit where women all try and paint themselves as victims of their own prostitution. Dude is an online predator, got busted, he's on the registry, she found out and said something. I do not see this as a feminazi slander take-down. She just said something to someone, not the cops, she just said something to someone at the studio, and the studio decided to cut him out. So now everyone is giving her the cold shoulder? WTF?

edit: if you're on the offender registry, maybe show business is not the best career direction for you. Everything is under a microscope. Try construction or something like that.

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It's difficult to get into construction if you are a registered sex offender. This is due to a "can't be X close to a school, church, playground, etc" that gets slapped on most of them. Construction requires being all around the city, and most construction companies want to build schools when they get the opportunity (practically guaranteed profit).

I work in construction. Mostly the smaller companies are the only ones that take a chance on a sex offender. Mostly because they know their clients and aren't worried about it.

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To him(not you, of course) I would say, "Get a work van and some tools and go into business." I some folks don't want to business with you, okay. Just be reliable, do good work and keep spreading your business cards around. And don't rape your customer's daughters.

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Well, I pointed out before that the director, Shane Black, seems to have a thing for shoving kids into every production he has, no matter how ridiculous it is, and that this guy has worked in several movies he has made. I think that's the only work he gets.

I'm sorry, I'm just saying, where there's smoke...

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https://archive.fo/hHb3f :

Olivia Munn, 'Predator' actress, feels shunned by director, co-stars after outing sex offender - Washington Times

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Those who don't have talent play these kind of tricks.

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All the people shunning her have shit hidden in their owns lives.

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She is such a whore.

Having said that... I really cannot blame her for what she did. I would probably do the same thing. Or maybe I don't know... No clue, haven't walked in those shoes.

But, the laws on sex offenders is weird. Technically, you change your clothes in your living room with the giant picture window at 2:45 in the afternoon and some mom and daughter walking home from the bus stop sees you... It's something so innocent, but I can imagine it happening to some poor schmuck that hires a bad attorney. And maybe this guy did something like this. So, I'd want to know what happened. Not simply read a website or registry and point a finger.

That's what happened. The studio or his employer failed him, and that is really what needs to be taken away from this. At least I hope they tried to figure out what had happened in the past.

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Did you think there would be hugs and more money? Not a chance.

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She can find all the support she wants.

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Seems like everything they say about Hollywood is true. Scary.

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