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Magnum P U

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It does look bad. But it might be bad enough to be funny. I love bad tv shows that I can yell at.

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Pretty much all new is the same..

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Based on everything Hollyweird does lately, this will have SJW virtue signaling liberally shoveled all over. Identity politics, miscegenation, trans, gay, gender reassignment and more themes. White actors will be vapid and shallow while blacks and muslims will appear to be superheroes.

I'll pass. Rather watch I dream of Jeannie.

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It actually looks good to me. These guys were just down on it from the get go. Like they expected all the same actors and stories or something. Making a fuss because it is a newer model Ferrari then the show used 30 years ago? seriously? I might have to check this out, and I don't watch TV shows.