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OK queer. You would have been upset if a 30 year old had sex with you at seventeen. I get it. You're a delicate little flower or an out and out faggot.

I was TRYING to have sex with older women from the time I was around fourteen. Most guys my age I knew were.

You go play your little games and call people cucks and shit. Have fun. The REALITY is normal guys want sex with women and they are happy to have it with women older than them.

And by the way, YOUR BOOK FUCKING SUCKS DICKSUCKER I looked at 3 pages and saw it was shit just like you.

Nice trick the way you stuck it in that "Recommend a book" thread.

Oh, and you didn't fool anybody by STARTING that thread just so you could slip your "recommendation" in there.

Are you ever going to quit SPAMMING this place with your shit book faggot?