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If the movie is called predator, would it not make more sense to leave the molester in the film?

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Sooner or later they're going to have to start hiring non-liberals if they want anybody in their movies

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Met for pizza and a movie at directors house. Just a little suspicious.

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https://archive.fo/yK9H4 :

Twentieth Century Fox pulls scene from 'The Predator' after director Shane Black casts his friend, a registered sex offender

'“This was an enormously unfortunate chapter in my life, and one that I took, and continue to take, personal responsibility for,” he said. “If I had even an inkling that my involvement with ‘The Predator’ would be a point of difficulty for Shane Black, or cast any kind of shadow over a movie that I wish only great success for, I would, of course, never have been involved in any capacity.”'

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