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Porn is a money-laundering operation for the most part. All the executives and their friends are involved in other vice industries like drugs, gambling, and prostitution. Did you see the scene in Breaking Bad where Walter sets up a crowdfunding website for his cancer treatments, and starts using it to make payments to himself from his dirty meth money in the form of anonymous donations? Online porn is essentially that but large scale. All the major players get their names in the credits as "producers" or "consultants" meanwhile they give their piles of cash to the launderers who turn the cash into phony porn subscriptions using prepaid cards with fake names and then the drug/gambling/trafficking money starts rolling in as legitimate, taxable royalty checks.

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Do you have any sources on that? Not that I'm doubting you (that seems like the most likely explanation), just curious as to where this info came from.

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It all coming from the cloud duh!

Most of it comes from advertising and selling consumer data.

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Porn is also way cheaper to produce now. You don't need film or story, just a reusable camera and a hotel room. Editors aren't spending that much time on editing, just cut some spots where the actions slows down. Also, people don't realize how many people out there don't interact with the world or have hobbies and just throw their money at porn and sex industry.

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The porn industry is absolutely massive. It's cheap to produce and consumed by massive umbers of people. Not only are porn site memberships not uncommon but litigation against those who illegally share copyrighted porn is a huge industry by itself. In fact the porn industry is a bigger litigator than Hollywood.

There is no shortage of money in porn and it's not slowing down as far as I'm aware, where are you getting that information? A bigger question is where all these social justice tech companies are getting their money. Twitter has lost over 2 billion in 10 years.

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The jews fund porn. It's part of their strategy to destroy the west; they don't care if the dont get a return on their investment

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The money are coming from jewish banks, like for everything else.