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Statute of limitations doesn't require expensive lawyers. It doesn't require lawyers at all. If there crime is too far in the past - they can't even bring up charges.

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Bill Cosby. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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Bill Cosby or his lawyers had to be retarded if he got charged past the statue of limitations. He must have done something more recent.

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Cosby's charges stemmed from a single incident that was within the statute of limitations.

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Yeah I was gonna say the same. No money needed, they don't even press charges.

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The expensive lawyer will be needed for the civil suit.

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You beat me to it

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I know zero details about this case but my first reaction is, 25+ years ago? Come on now, whoever got assaulted should have spoke up way before then. How can you prove or disprove it at this point. Is there a VHS or betamax recording of it, perhaps a laser disc? Again, I have read nothing about this so maybe the facts/details are a lot more than he said she said.

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Has his career not been reduced to rubble already anyway?

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Someone should turn fiction into reality and put his fucking head into a box.

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Ummm, I don't understand what you are saying here.

What would be in the box then? Come on, what's in the box? What's in the box?

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Comment of the thread ladies and gentleman lol

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Outside of outright murder (which are rarely solved anyway, thank you FOP) which can be linked to genetic material how the fuck can anything be proven after 20 years? People's minds change, they forget, they alter perceptions over time....

I am so fucking uncomfortable dredging up old and often unsubstantiated criminal activities after a lengthy time. Humans are so so flawed. There is a reason most crime is best solved or dealt with quickly when details, evidence, and memories are fresh.

I don't remotely give a shit about Spacey. He's probably a creep like most of his pedo-pals, but nonetheless I find this reaching decades into the past to charge people far more creepy.

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The LA Yid Pedophile Protection Unit strikes again . ...

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ohh is it?

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I wish everyone in Hollywood would just drop dead.

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