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Sweet! Since I'm a Vile, Racist Right-Wing Fanatic, this should be right up my alley!

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well.... #metoo

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I don't know about you, but I would rather hangout with "vile racist right-wing fanatics" than any liberal.

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Good news for you, that's about 80% of the population!

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Indeed,what about the narrative though on who owns Hollywood?

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Who cares about Hollywood? Your attention is the only thing giving it power.

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Shut up and take my money.

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Will it be in cinemas?

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I hope so. It'd be something I'd be glad to pay full price for. Anything that pisses off the jews is good news.

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I can only imagine the REEEEEEEEing that will be in place to get it pulled from theaters.

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At least not in Finland.

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Now that's how to advertise.

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If that's the case, I'll go to the cinema for the first time this year.

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first time in a decade.

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Just what I was thinking. Thankfully in my area I'll be able to find one that isn't inundated with niggers.

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Unfortunately it will only air in Russia and Italy i think. Someone correct me if i'm wrong (i hope i am).



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If the first showing was a couple of days ago at a film festival, it could be that most places are yet to decide on a potential release date.

Or certain companies have blacklisted it. If the latter, then I'm sure as hell watching it.

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I can finally watch some jewish propaganda, now with 70% less jew.

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Wonder if it will comes with a certificate from the American Antisemitic Association, guaranteeing that "5 or more Jews were killed or injured during the making of this movie".

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American Antisemitic Association

So, when are we forming this party.

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Wow I can't believe 60 jews were killed in this film.

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Woooow. he is really a superstar. His "the passion of the Christ" and the "Braveheart" was really great. You can pray for them.

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Apocalypto was terrific

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Hacksaw Ridge was great too.

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Fury Road also was "mediocre"

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I used to think of myself as a level headed third party type, but the crazies pushed things to far...now I'm willing to self identity as alt-right.

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I keep telling my friends that they are all "alt-right" like me they just don't know it yet. The left will force them all into our camp, it's inevitable for all white males.

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The alt-right is all right.

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Streisand effect in 3...2...1...

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