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It was amazing. My girlfriend hates action movies and had never seen the previous ones. She loved it. It was a beautiful movie.

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It is just so awesome :)

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Also want to maintain like many of you folks, this movie knew. The women are just saying to submit. "We trust them, give them what they want." Dumb fucking women.

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i like this movie

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One of the top 20 movies of all times. No CGI, brutal effects. Some of the speed up motion was a little corny, but meh, it was the 80s!

Edit: And an actual plot. Holy hell. And a minor twist at the end that does not insult the audience's intelligence.

Edit 2: If you trust my movie assessments. Check out an old black and white one call "A Streetcar Named Desire." I was so impressed by this old movie. I was at a friend's party and the host brought up the movie. I'm like, "I just watched that two weeks ago and it was awesome!" He snickered and continued to host his party. Surprisingly good old movie. And filled with endless metaphors of life and sex. Hope that isn't a spoiler.

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Definitely one of my favorites.

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Mad Max is like RoboCop, people think it's an action movie and don't realize it's just a documentary made ahead of its time, lol.

They've redone the new ones pretty well, I think. Here's hoping they keep going that way.

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Really? I couldn't get through Mad Max 1...it was very slow.

The Mad Max remake was very good, in my opinion.

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I'm the other way around . Thought the new Mad Max was nothing but one long car chase.

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The Mad Max remake was very good, in my opinion

lol, the remake was fucking trash. It was an insult to the original.

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Oddly, I never said 1.

As OP, I must say, the first sucked. But the second is one of the top thirty movies of all time. Just saying.

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My wife and I saw fury road. It was her first Mad Max movie and she really liked it.

When we got home we decided to watch the first one, I enjoyed it, she fell asleep.

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Another commenter on the thread stated that the first movie wasn't that good.