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What's Christopher Walken's role in this?

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What took him so long?

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https://archive.fo/ILMZD :

Captain of yacht Natalie Wood was on before she died says her husband Robert Wagner killed her | Daily Mail Online

'The man who captained the yacht silver screen starlet Natalie Wood died on says he believes her husband, Robert Wagner, is responsible, and claims he stopped all search efforts. '

'Eventually, Wagner went to check on his wife, and Davern claims a scuffle broke out between the pair. '

'He was joined by Wood, Wagner, and actor Christopher Walken. '

'When the captain went to investigate, he claims Wagner told him to go away. '

'Davern told producers of Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood that the night Wood disappeared, all three actors were arguing, when the actress stormed out and went to her room. '

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Did you know she was a Russian Jew and spoke Russian fluently, as did her Sister, due to her Parents continuing to do so at home?