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A couple more picks or her, one, two and three.

It's not a low production movie. The atmosphere, acting and sets are are well done. It's not as elaborate as a big budget (((Hollywood))) production, but it never feels cheap. The story wasn't bad at all either. I even got a little choked up at the end, which was completely unexpected. Nudity, just a little, enticing, but not Jew whore. The cast was almost entirely white, I'm on the fence about the Turkish guy. Did they use a real turk for the bad guy role or was he just a darker skinned white guy made to look like a turk, can't be sure. Can't be sure of Jews in their either, but no one looked particular Jewy. Fun movie, not completely unfresh story, and action kept the movie rolling along at a pretty good pace. Better than any movie I've seen come out of Jewllywood in the last 2 years.

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Are you pedestaling this fronthole ?

Someone fell in love.

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Sounds awesome. I find myself enjoying "B" quality stuff much more than supposed "AAA" quality big budget productions lately. Mid-tier productions usually have a more singular vision instead of being driven by committee to maximise appeal and revenue.

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Hey, good enough. As long as a bunch of blackies ain't being shoved in my face, like with 95% of the TV shows and movies out of Hollyweird, I can hang.

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No NIGGERS! Or spics, or chinks, or street shitters.

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She looks pretty sweet. Let's hope she is not a kike's whore that eats children.