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Added to my watch list. I'm growing so tired of the adjenda ridden, quota box ticking junk that it's nice to have something that doesn't keep bashing me in the face with racial politics ruining any escapism.

Theres also basedmovies to check out, but it could do with more subs and traffic.


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You had me at "entirely white cast" <3

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A couple more picks or her, one, two and three.

It's not a low production movie. The atmosphere, acting and sets are are well done. It's not as elaborate as a big budget (((Hollywood))) production, but it never feels cheap. The story wasn't bad at all either. I even got a little choked up at the end, which was completely unexpected. Nudity, just a little, enticing, but not Jew whore. The cast was almost entirely white, I'm on the fence about the Turkish guy. Did they use a real turk for the bad guy role or was he just a darker skinned white guy made to look like a turk, can't be sure. Can't be sure of Jews in their either, but no one looked particular Jewy. Fun movie, not completely unfresh story, and action kept the movie rolling along at a pretty good pace. Better than any movie I've seen come out of Jewllywood in the last 2 years.

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Are you pedestaling this fronthole ?

Someone fell in love.

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Sounds awesome. I find myself enjoying "B" quality stuff much more than supposed "AAA" quality big budget productions lately. Mid-tier productions usually have a more singular vision instead of being driven by committee to maximise appeal and revenue.

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Hey, good enough. As long as a bunch of blackies ain't being shoved in my face, like with 95% of the TV shows and movies out of Hollyweird, I can hang.

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No NIGGERS! Or spics, or chinks, or street shitters.

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She looks pretty sweet. Let's hope she is not a kike's whore that eats children.

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Another excellent one on Amazon Prime is The Stronghold. It revels in tribal Nationalism and teaches a boy to overcome his fears because his people are with him. The lyrics the villagers sing would make an SJW have an aneurysm. It is subtitled in English. I doubt the Powers that Be will ever let an English translated version come out, because it would become a cult classic.

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I know what I'm watching tonight.

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russian movies are shit. i know because in my childhood i had to sit thru and watch shitty soviet movies and series.fuck.that.shit

nevertheless,i will give this a try,da?

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I don't watch much of the shit on tv these days. This looks like it might be worth watching.

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