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Happytime Murders looks like complete garbage. I have no idea how anyone thought that was a good idea.


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Awesome! go Crazy and Rich Asians.


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https://archive.fo/paivO :

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ To Be Richer Than Melissa McCarthy’s ‘Happytime Murders’: Box Office | Deadline

'Happytime Murders’ opening is even lower than McCarthy’s May PG-13 title Life of the Party ($17.9M), which we thought was rock bottom. '

'The development of Happytime Murders at the Jim Henson Co. was first announced in 2008, followed by Lionsgate fast-tracking the project in 2011. '

'Crazy Rich Asians prevailing over STX’s The Happytime Murders, with $21M-$23M, -18% for weekend 2 on its way to $74.8M on the high end. '

'Crazy Rich Asians is bound for a $6M Friday. '

'The Happytime Murders is eyeing $11M-$13M after a $950K start last night. '

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