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Who gives a fuck what niggers will do if they don’t get a Jew award ?

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Liqour/department store owners?

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I hope they go pick a fight with some roof Koreans.

[–] YoHomie 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Fine, give the apes a banana here and there to appease them. Some meaningless award is as good as anything. Chimps like shiny objects anyway and they put a far higher value on stupid shit like that than they should - so yeah, give them the trophy; why the fuck not?

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Because fuck those niggers.

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You make a good point, but you could also say fuck the Academy Awards - I'd love to see the Hollywood types guilted into kissing nigger ass. I'd laugh my ass off.

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Bullying for the Oscar. The next step of #oscarsowhite

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Even the SJW nuts will not support the Oscars if this trash gets nominated for Best Picture. It was not that good.

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Niggers can't accomplish anything by talent or ingenuity, so they have to threaten chimpouts instead.

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How shallow must one be to demand everyone praise them for something everyone can plainly see is mediocre? It is obvious they have never experienced the pride of actual success.