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ive got the same fucking issue with aboriginals talking about being dominated.

Australia has been about everyone since before it was Australia.

We get dickheads now that whine about the chinese but forget that they were some of the first here, and we have chinese families in this country that have been here just as long as convict families. Our constitution actually talks about people that did not exist yet and did not refer to themselves as Australian, they were all British.

The flag we have didnt get planted the second we got here. The union jack on its own might have represented colonisation but the flag we fly now represents everyone that lives here. If i can be redefined as a racist because im white, then im just going to go right ahead and redefine myself as 'native' because i was fuckin born here, and its my country.

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I'd never thought of it in this regard, but how could involuntary convicts be considered evil colonizers?

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You do know everyone who came to Australia in the beginning wasn't a convict, right?

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Straya cunt.

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This shit is becoming more apparent

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Where does the stolen generation fit into your theory of welcome inclusiveness?

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in exactly the same place that all of the children stolen from white families at the same time that are completely ignored sit.

oh also - the white kids that were stolen from white families were generally wanted by their families but an over the top welfare system said otherwise.

the nigger side of the stolen generation were half castes that aboriginals disowned because they were half white, and due to 'equal but seperate' laws designed solely for native welfare couldnt be adopted by white families as it was believed at the time to be inappropriate and inhumane to force a native child into modern society. Full aboriginals were never removed from their families. White children were taken on a daily basis for reasons like 'unwed mother' or 'unemployed father' or 'someone made a complaint about spanking'

any more questions? Im more than happy to dispell any more 'noble savage' propaganda youve got. Of course the best way to work out what theyre really like is to go live around them. But hey, i guess its the natives rights to get drunk, fuck their own children, destroy everything whitey is forced by law to give them, and then cry to the fuckin UN that white man is inhumane.

Fuck outta here.

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People don't realize how prevalent of a force the Black Panthers are amongst the African-American community. I would predict that everyone who aligns with Black Lives Matter supports the Black Panthers in some form.

The Black Panthers get more credibility because their founder, Huey Newton, was a PH.D. in some weird course of study(some leftist study of human consciousness, which was meant to be an integrated class).

The scary thing about Spike Lee is as radical as he is politically speaking he is actually sort of considered moderate in the broader spectrum. Less radical than say Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Even Al Sharpton gets to voice documentaries and other stuff like that. Its absolutely ridiculous. The fortunate thing is that African-Americans make up like 14% of the population or we would be dealing with big trouble. My fear is Antifa and BLM teaming up when things get more desperate for them or if the far-left/Michael Moore constituency gets into power. It could turn into a quasi-South-Africa, but in a more restrained fashion and with it being more decentralized. Our biggest concern should be getting a president like a Hugo Chavez that would sell our country over the Pacific to China.

The colored left's greatest friend used to be the Soviets but I would say that besides the Palestinians and Iranians(the latter of whom we can and should make friendships with) the Chinese are the people they look up to the most. Of course a lot of them are inspired by Mandela and any hardcore leftist power force in America is essentially going to empower African-Americans to the point where they become a minority group to reckon with.

In this case we might need to form white only communities and local militias(armed gated communities) to keep the rising tide of color at bay. Of course this movie was not about the Klan(that was the non-sequitur). It was about David Duke who is certainly not a normal Klansman and represents a positive force on the far-right(since he has condemned violence and like things).

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I can confirm blacks generally see the rising chinese power in africa as a positive alternative, which delivers btw, it's not all just chinese crap, chinese are capable to make great offers, great infrastructures, such as bridges, for a very competitive price

Chinese don't ask questions, they pay, they pay for everything as long as they get what they want, they don't care, they don't mind as long as their interests are safe, africans love that

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The thing about the Chinese is this. They like the idea of cheap goods and crass consumerism degenerating the white population. They know this is what did the Romans in and they want to do the same thing to white America. Its been working to some extent, but its not irreversible.

Africans like this because crass consumerism allows them their Martin Luther King Jr. of not just equality, but dominance through social degeneracy. Its how they win in the end. The Welfare State. The funny thing is that China is going to turn America into one massive corporatist concentration camp and Africans will be hired to work as slave labor. Why do they choose slavery over freedom in the majority of cases and among the majority of Africans? Makes absolutely no sense. I think it goes back to the way Africa was ruled in pre-colonial times. They always had a strongman chief who everyone was enslaved to, but that chief had general equal status in some context to the general population, but enjoyed exorbitant amount of privileges(tons of wives and all the best food). They for some weird reason saw the chief as a god and were so superstitious that they believed overthrowing him would bring a curse upon them.

This mentality has been exasperated hundred fold with crass consumerism. Why even think about revolting when the system revolts for you? Of course, people don't know the other side of story. Revolts against African chiefs(in the case of America revolt against local and regional leaders, which is what Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson drives for and Spike Lee is pushing at since the Ku Klux Klan was behind the old Jim Crow leadership that stabilized the South after it had been bulldozed by the Carpetbaggers and Scalawags.

He is saying Trump's local leaders are KKK-affiliates and anyone who is not on the left is KKK. David Duke is the good guy in this whole case and Spike Lee just vindicated the KKK(and I must confess the KKK had positive and negative elements; sort of like the Masons). We will need our Southern Nationalist militias if we are to get into power just to keep things peaceful. Oh yeah, there is the other part of the story.

As patriarchal and macho as African societies seem on the surface they basically end up become dominated by matriarchal elements. Whenever someone tried to kill the African chiefdom in some parts of Africa all the women would rise up and kill all the men and children and rule the society themselves. Ever wonder why African-American Communists and second-wave feminists get along so well? Well now you know.

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It's a movie filled with lies. The black guy was not jewish and there was never a crime comitted by Duke's chapter. The whole thing is a jew lie, financed by jews, screenplay written by two jews, actor playing David Duke is a jew. You couldn't pay me to watch that garbage.

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Think you meant his PARTNER wasn't Jewish.

But yeah, the end was bullshit. I like Denzel's son as an actor but he really chooses some shitty roles.

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Spike Lee is so oppressed in White America he was able to make a movie making him millions from white people who are so brainwashed they actually paid $15 to be told how racists they are. So oppressed...

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Spike Lee is one of the richest American directors. I don't know for sure, but he might be jewish. There is something that really is repulsive in him any time he makes an interview, they way he talks and looks. I can be wrong tough.

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Spike Lee is a little whiny racist shit stain.

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No words about the heroic Jew (that didn't really exist)?

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Was forced to by a friend.


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