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Only in the 21st century: "Yeah, I could prove my innocence. Or I could fork over a couple hundred grand! So I did that. Plus you guys weren't ever supposed to find out."

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She is into some seriously occult shit. I doubt if we will ever get the actual truth of how deep this goes. But her ties to occult groups and what I believe are probably pedophilia rings puts her into proximity of people with a great deal to lose. Bourdain may have gotten himself into some shit he hadn't predicted. I think it's even possible he was a casualty of that. Although I admit it is also likely he may have been dealing with depression and his wife cheating pushed him over the edge. Either way, some real human garbage being exposed here, and it undermines the entire #metoo movement frankly.

The way this woman has attempted to drag her dead husband's name into this, and also indirectly dragged the young man's name through the mud (all to cover up her own awful fucking behavior as an adult), is just sickening. But all too indicative of the terrible effects of modern feminism, causing women to act recklessly and have zero accountability, at least to expect none. I hope the tides turn.

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I think it's deeper than that. I wouldn't be surprised if she was going to out some pedo people. Anthony killed as a warning and the kid paid off to accuse her of rape or whatever to discredit her. I don't know. Shit is too weird.

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This stinks of blackmail to me. Picture this: 17yo aspiring actor has sex with hot 37yo actress. His career tanks so he blackmails her to pay him or he will report her as a statutory rapist. She pays up to avoid jail.

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She just looks evil. Anthony Bourdain commited suicide because he is evil too, but he was struggling with it.