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Gropers of the galaxy?

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I am Grope.

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Hey Oh !

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A shame, some of the cast used to be enjoyable to watch

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My daughter loves the Guardians franchise, but she hates pedos worse. This whole thing and the identification of so may Hollywood pedos has been a huge red pill for her.

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oh man! i hoped the disney conspiracies were not true

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who is a pedophile now ?

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From left to right:

Jew, Nigger, half Gook, half nigger blue blood, and homosexual jew looking thing.

What you expect?

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I'm not sure if Pratt is jewish or not, I never looked into him. I know that Dave Bautista (far right strongman) is actually a really good guy and isn't jewish at all. Unfortunately for him, when he went from pro wrestling fame to working in the movies, I don't think he really knew what he was getting himself into.

Then again I think that's true for a lot of gentiles. Makes me sad to think about.

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Groot is great!

Better in animated series then the movie.

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Groot is my favorite character!