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When you see [+] on this site along with a disproportionate amount of down voats to the norm, always click (show)

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This call to a local TV station reveals the truth.

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that made my bad day a little better, thanks man

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"If you had something like that you'd be making some money" ... NO!!!! How about giving them to your fellow humans FOR FREE instead of acting like a jew and trying to profit off revealing the jew deceptions! Introducing money into a situation only allows the jews to better control it.

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The white guy having to beat the shit out of the black guy to "redpill" him is too good an analogy.

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You'd enjoy John Carpenter's The Thing also. It's about a shapeshifter infiltrating a group or people.

Should be on piratebay.

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HOLY SHIT! At 1:58 the article says "Classroom Disarmament." THEY KNEW!!!

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Okay, I was curious and looked it up. Time magazine article from Feb. 1988. What I could see in article without ordering magazine, they were talking about knifes mainly. Same year the movie came out.

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There has been a plan since the 1970s to disarm classrooms so that children can be mass murdered. The mass murder of children would then be used as a platform to undermine and attack our human rights.

The movie is from the 1980s. This exact conspiracy has become standard fair in America and globally.

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What if I told you.. every monster is a symbol for something else, including the ones in your dreams.

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what if I told you ligma balls nigga lmao 😂😂😂 fucking GOTEM

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Meanwhile, in Saints Row 4

Saints Row was a good GTA type game. I think 2 was the best, then 3, then 4. 3 and 4 started to go a bit off the rails. Never played 1, it wasn't available on Steam.

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