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Netflix is leftist propaganda garbage.

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You talk too much.

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. . . and they are losing money like crazy. Who is funding this propaganda machine?

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Soros is now a primary share holder.

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Netflix: Dear Wypipo: Fuck you

Stock Plummets, only the Wypipo pay their bills

Netflix: Wypipo, plz halp

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Ha, that's perfectly stated.

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Distributing child porn will have that effect.

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That's what happens when soros buys something.

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They still grew by 5.15 million so that's 5 million people more on top of 100 million they already have, being fed leftist indoctrination bullshit. Hardly a cause for celebration.

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True, but their financial numbers are very shakey despite that. They spend too much on creating crappy content.

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It will only become worse when they lose their licenses when big companies like Disney creates their own stream services. They will be slowly replaced.

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being fed leftist indoctrination bullshit.

What are you people watching or being forced to watch by Netflix? Plenty of pre-SJW context there.

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I canceled my account because I don't support companies getting into politics. If they would STFU and just run all kinds of shows/movies, I probably wouldn't have canceled. But they came out and shit on white people and made massive strives to push liberal shit, so I canceled. Just because they don't SOLELY promote liberal agendas doesn't mean they don't do it disproportionately. They made the president of the US a faggot on one show. Their other show was about lesbians in prison and made the husband look like the bad guy. They have dear white people. The only "conservative" show has retarded ranchers that act like they are from the 1800s.

Money talks, even a little. I don't shop at anti 2A stores. I don't support propaganda. I don't spend money on movies anymore either.

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Hulu is following right behind. You cant even load the app without location services on...

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I have hulu and keep it strictly for south park trey stone and matt parker are based AF just most of the population are too retarded to get the subtlle references they have many episodes that address the JQ.

if Hulu drops south park Ill be finished with them

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You know you can watch all SP episodes for free online right? Why would you pay HULU just for SP.

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Havent watched that in a long time, seemed to be less and less funny and more and more political...just not in a funny way. Maybe I'll give it a shot again.

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I called Netflix long ago, rubbish content.

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Not just Netflix. The entire entertainment industry is nothing but SJW claptrap.

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Only way the shitty left wing comedians are getting fed.

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Capitalism would work great if it didn't require appealing to your consumers....

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