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where is that story about the girl trying to compete in martial arts and getting her ass handed to her as she got to the point where they weren't going to pull punches, and she couldn't even hold a punching bag without her sailing across the room from a tiny guy her size / weight.

It was an absolute shock to her that men are actually stronger, and that hollywood had been lying to her. Then all she could think about is how amazing it is that men just don't go around punching the shit out of stupid women.

As always, the biggest misogynists are women.

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If the characters are believable, I can stand watching a woman in a typically male role. But the circumstances, the way there, and the outcomes have to be as believable as the surrounding story. For example, in a sci-fi film, there is some more leeway, so long as the backstory itself is already taking me someplace relatively unbelievable, but the human aspects of the character herself have to be well-written enough to support the choice.

A great example is Ellen Ripley of the Alien series. Even as a kid, I never remember even being cognizant of it too much, or thinking "this isn't a female role, she shouldn't be there". Because the WRITING supported the choice. Her character was believable and well-acted. She didn't get where she was by being some tough girl ACTING like a man, she survived by being SMART and making good decisions that were believable for a woman to survive the situation. She didn't save the whole group and do it waving fists. She saved herself. And she was awesome. Loved her.

Or Leeloo in the 5th Element. She is the ultimate badass savior of the universe, and she has moments where that shows through. She whoops some ass. But at the same time, she isn't invulnerable. Rather the opposite, she is very vulnerable. She can be hurt, and she needs the pairing of herself with Corban for everything to work out. How would that movie have been without Corban Dallas, and instead just Leeloo doing the whole thing on her own, written to contain both of the male and female aspects in one character? It would have been shitty. You can bet that if 5th element had been written by some SJW studio today, that's exactly what we would have gotten. "Leeloo ain't need no man!".

As a better example of a very typically male story, Hillary Swank in Million Dollar Baby is excellent. Again, its because they don't write a character that is unbelievable. She isn't fighting men. And she isn't invulnerable or semi-superhero set against a realist backdrop. She is a real character against a real backdrop.

The problem with a lot of these female characters being written today is they aren't female characters. They are writing MEN, and putting a WOMAN in. If they had been writing women, it would be different.

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Wow I want to see that badly now lol sounds good

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It was an article posted recently.

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needs a "go fund me" and Michael bay "Splosions".

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Read that also. Was a good read. Pretty sure men on average are at least 30% stronger than women of the same size / stature. Possibly the same may go for hand eye coordination. Hence, most car accidents are due to female drivers.

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At the olympic level, Men are stronger by 20% than women. On a every day to day average, the numbers are more than likely well above double the strength. You would need an absurdly large, very manly women to even get near that 20% mark. I really like to use this phrase, "The 1% isn't worth talking about". This applies in so many situations and it seems to instantly diffuse people who want to use outliers to substitute a world view. If somebody dares say, "Some women are stronger than men", "But what about the rape victims wanting to get an abortion", "I know of a female who beat up a guy". Shut that shit down.

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I get tired of "I am woman hear me roar" meow ft ft where are the kibles

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It's why I'm not buying gears 5. A chick is literally like "I need to do this". Disband the group and has a shit story. But that's why I liked gears. The war and command. It was interesting. Now it's just fucking gay.

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Gears 5 too eh? I wasn't aware. It's just desperate.

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I liked it when it what the Jew saying Firefly. After that, I did not like it so much.

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lolwut? Care to try that again?

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+1 keep up the good fight

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This article you posted went off the fucking deep end

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How are you a better mate than me? I just don't get it.

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tactically speaking, a woman can sidle up to you all pretty like, and stick a tiny pistol in your ribs and kill you like that at your weakest moment

for all other applications of combat, men are used.

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a firearm is the only equalizer for a woman. sometimes making a good move as in escape works. even with a firearm there is no guarantee. a woman has to keep possession of it. "conceal" with carry is a woman's best chance.

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Yeah assassins or spys I can see woman being good at.

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"I'm not like other girls,": the post.

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all they do is bitch

bitches about them

guess youre not an exception then

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Put a backslash (\) before the asterisks if you don't want italics.

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That's why you make sure they're naked first.

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Woman have much more accessible prison pockets.

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Now that they are fucking up the sports by putting in a bunch of women commentators

This! Even Beaner-mundo Spanish channel now has a female commentator which dulled the world cup even further

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That's part of the way they sold faggotry to the public. Whether it will work with girrrlll power remains to be seen.

You're really awake, dude. That's exactly what's happening.

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The next thing they'll push is "child love" or pedophilia.

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They think society is a social construct.

I'm no expert in tautology, but I think that is a true statement.

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Rogue One. Couldn't finish it

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You would have puked over the last jedi then. They made the rebel army look like a college orientation class.

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The very last scene in Rogue One has been the only entertaining piece of Star Wars cinema produced in the past 20 years;


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That was pretty cool. Not worth watching that shit movie though.

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But she smashed multiple armored Stormtroopers with a baton!

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Several transmissions were beamed to this ship by rebel spies.

There, that is the whole movie.

They didn't deliver it in person as they all died.

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Naw I wouldnt even start a movie like that. But I guess if someone else did I was would walk out.

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Really it depends on the plot of what I'm watching. Like in the 12 Monkeys tv show, they had a lot of girl power army shit in it that was pretty ridiculous. But then a good example of it was the group of fucked up women at the end of Mad Max Fury Road that had to defend themselves... it didn't feel out of place there cause it made a lot of sense in that world.

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The women in Fury Road were awful. Wasteful morons. Immortan Joe might have been an ugly asshole, but he made shit work. The old women that rush in to save the young women, though? What happened to their shit? They ruined it all. And the ending of the movie was essentially "We've overthrown the capitalist, now LET THE WATER FLOW!!"

If there was a sequel, everyone would be dead within a month. They'd waste all their water in bathing (like the scene where Max initially beats up Furiosa) and make other terrible decisions.

But at least in that fight scene between Max and Furiosa, it worked. It was believable. A grown, fit man, chained to a car door and an unconscious man, was still able to defeat all of the women in a 6 vs 1 fight. That was great.

I think Fury Road set out to make a "hear me rawr" type of film, but they accidentally portrayed women very realistically. Kind of funny how that works out.

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