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Did he mention how its normal jewish culture?

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This is the start of the expulsion of Jews from Hollywood. Fuck all the voaters attacking Crews who then turn around and spout about Jews Jews Jews. That is what he is talking about. You can't just come out and name the Jew, especially if you want a career. Baby steps.

He is big so you wouldn't think it but he was heavily abused as a child. He's talked about it before. His dad used to beat the shit out of him. it's why he started getting big in the first place and became obsessed with being big.

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Did he name the jew? He talks about abuse, sure, but did he name the groups and people who support the infrastructure of the massive sex trafficking ring plaguing us?

I'm sick of these assholes coming forward with accusations, but not naming names. I understand libel/slander laws, but if he's telling the truth he should have nothing to fear. Name the fucking jew, nigger, and then maybe we can talk about co-existing after jewish influence over niggers is taken out of the picture.

I think a lot of voaters are just frustrated, because these assholes come forward, make statements like they're about to get something done, and then nothing fucking changes. Nothing gets addressed. We are far, FAR passed the point of "spreading awareness". We're aware of the fuckery. Time to unfuck the situation.

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"As a black man..." what a nigger. I'm glad this is coming out, and for whatever retarded reason, normies like this big nigger so I'll take the 'win' for now but at the end of the end of the day, hes still a black.

Never mind Spielberg's victim, the shining girl gets sepsis from her butt being raped by jews, I'm suppose to feel bad for a nigger.

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that got under my skin too. "as a black man." what the hell is he talking about. the issue is sexual assault, right? what does his blackety blackendness have to do with it?

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Blacks are experts on sexual assault

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See my other comment. I think the same as you but my comment might provide some insight? Dunno.

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I think he was saying that he was trying to avoid the potential backlash of an "angry black man" reaction, and letting the company be able to spin it that way, because otherwised no one would have believed him about the groping in the first place.

I think he got a little too emotional and pulled the black card a bit too much, but he was right. If he has resorted to violence the (((agency))) would have fucked him six ways to Sunday with the media spin.

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Good for him. It must be hard to talk about this.

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How is it hard for him to talk about a jewish dude grabbing his dick? come on!!

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niggers dont like admitting to anything that might even slightly imply that they may be gay.

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Hillary is going to have Terry exploded.

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Sorry but if some gay hollywood asshole grabs your dick and you claim you're a sexual assault survivor...I just can't co sign. When a chick is raped at knifepoint and lives to see another day....survivor. I don't think anything that could happen in the open in front of your wife is sufficient for this type of melodrama. Walk it off.

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Lolz, i dare you to tell the ladies of the world this, ha ha ha, just walk it off sweet heart, harden the fk up herp derp

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He's not saying it to ladies, he's saying it to the 250 lbs. gorilla nigger who is crying about being groped. Crews is speaking like he's a fucking helpless victim that couldn't easily snap any Hollywood jew in half over his knee.

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Weinstein is walking. Great for people coming forward, the pig gets off by paying a fine. There's no way he's innocent.

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