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Just make sure that you pirate 100% of media.

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Except there is nothing worth pirating.

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This is the real point that people aren't seeing. Hollywood is controlled by SJWs. which means the vast majority of "entertainment" is really just brainwashing to condition you to accept the New World Order. This is why car commercials have a white guy, a gook, a nigger, and a transsexual. This is why Wakanda is a black lives matter wet dream. This is why Marvel and DC Comics are pushing female heroes to the forefront so you'll swallow feminism hook, line, and sinker. You'll swallow the LIE of gender equality. You'll swallow the lie that men are supposed to be passive-aggressive faggots and women are supposed to be ultra aggressive cunts.

But that's the real danger of passive entertainment. When people aren't taught to socialize to meet their need for relationships , they turn to passive entertainment like movies and video games. They invest in artificially constructed relationships with TV characters. They begin to invest their emotional energy into their imagination. That's why we've gone from simple games like pong and Pac-Man to complex worlds like Skyrim and Last of Us.

In the previous generation, video games were like fast food. You played ikari warriors with a bro to kill some time.

In this generation, you have most of your friends online who you've never met in real life. And you play video games where you immerse yourself for hours to try to escape the suffering offered by real life. This is why video games have grown so complex. They're trying to mimic real life relationships that are virtually non-existent or very superficial in nature. You have a more meaningful relationship with Call of Duty then you do with any of your coworkers.

It's going to come to a point where men are going to have to choose; either it's a future of 24/7 full immersion in the electronic digital world where we outsource our relationship needs to game developers and sex robots. Or you're going to start realizing you're being cheated Matrix-style. Technology is becoming a giant pacifier of convenience. On one hand it's being used to silence and suppress male opinions. On the other hand it's worse than heroin in its ability to regulate and restrict your activity and make you dependent on it for virtually everything.

We all need to wake up and realize that this passive State of Mind is really a desperate State of Mind.

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Japan hates niggers

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More time to be productive then.

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Plenty worth pirating. Lots of non-SJeW books, music, etc exists. And if you can keep away from the weebs there's anime and manga. As for movies and shows..... Well, look into all that stuff you wanted to watch back in the day and never got around to (this being predicated on your age of course).

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..behind a good VPN

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I second this. Never knew just how stupidly easy it was until I got one.

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"Steal you mind poison"

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Its not poison if you're aware of their tricks. You are the antidote.

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Started doing this in 2003 (also stopped paying for cable and phone). All my media is consumed through piracy nowadays:

  • I haven't seen a commercial in fifteen years.
  • People use commercials as conversation starters.
  • My political beliefs became very anarcho-capitalist.
  • I have waaaaaay less stress in my life.
  • My tolerance for bullshit news articles has gone way down.
  • My tolerance for people with media obsessions has gone way down.
  • My diet improved dramatically (do you watch TV and eat?).
  • My mood improved dramatically.

If you haven't become a cable cutter, you should probably start sooner than later. Your ability to unplug from the matrix entirely starts with regulating your media exposure.

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Yep, same here.

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The capital funding companies behind it are mostly kike owned, if you don't allow them to influence and change your movie/script with their kike agenda and hire (((people))) they want you to hire for the roles then you won't get funding for sure.

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I'm not a hundred percent on who this has been done to. my step father right now has been doing a movie deal for the passed 4 or 5 years and it's about his life in Miami and Nascar ect... But if there using your likeness I don't believe they can get away with rewriting be a script.

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"The kike agenda" is crackerspeak for simple human decency.

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As a Kike, how does it feel watching as the Internet is making all your fears about the spread of "antisemitism" happen in fast forward? I know you hooks are pretty neurotic, do you lose sleep over it? Also, do you just assume that you're right without seriously checking into it? Have you ever even considered the possibility that the goyim may actually be correct in their assertions about your people? If not, man... I'll bet this is all super disturbing and feels totally unfair, huh? 😉

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Look at this brave homosexual stating an anti-white opinion on a conservative-dominant link aggregation website. Have an upvote for even being here and posting.

I disagree with just about everything you say, but I will defend to the death (with guns) your right to say it.

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Jonah hill's actual last name is Feldstein

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Hollywood, politics, banking

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Yeah, part of the BLM Oscars and muh Hollywood sexism thing was "How did this white guy with one small movie under his belt get to direct the biggest movie of the year!?". (I think that's literally how Wonder Woman got a female director)

And not a single industry faggot said "Because he's a Jew". The Chans figured it out within minutes.

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Everytime you go to the cinema or watch the moving pictures on tv you are helping to enrich and keep the folks you are sick of in power.

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