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What a difference between Eastwood and DeNigro eh. Eastwood is way older and he makes these American movies and DeNigro is some nigger lovin', America hating, washed up actor cranking out lame movies who wants to kill the top dog in America and has Hillary for a president.

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It’s sad too deniro has stared a lot in my favorite movies of all time(Taxi driver is EASILY in my top 10 favorite movies)

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Really, that movie was very disturbing. I don't think DeNiro had to act. No, Travis is not interesting, just plain NUTS!

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what makes it one of the tops for you?

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Clint's movies are always close to home and real to where DeNeegro like somebody already said HATES AMERICA, Hates the Constitution and try's to almost always glorify some stupid ass Camel Jocky who just wants a better life for him and his family who is trying to get in to America but the evil republican government wont let him in......That sick story has happened in to many movies or shows to count.

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Fucking awesome

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Has anyone seen it? I haven't had the chance to. Like to see if it is a good one (probably is but want to build up my expectations)

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I saw it earlier today, it's good. Wholesome.

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What a rarity these days.

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Awesome! Thanks.

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=IC_lnyn2R2Q :

THE 15:17 TO PARIS - Official Trailer [HD] - YouTube

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I really have been wanting to see this movie

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Gran torino, million dollar baby... are you serious?

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I like Eastwood's work, but honestly, there's a time in life to retire.

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Maybe it's a hobby for him now.

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...and that time, for Eastwood, not now.

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why say that? don't want his future work to go stale? or are you suggesting one of his films already has

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