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He was great in his day, but hasn't starred in a good picture (Ronin) in twenty years, hasn't collaborated significantly with the auteur who elevated him to greatness in nearly a quarter-century, and is probably best known to millennials as a gaumless blowhard who co-stars in moronic comedies marketed to boomers and halfwits, and clumsily projects his famed misogyny onto Trump.

This old fart deserves more disregard than despite.

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De Niro can't really say anything bad about his pal Weinstein, given his own involvement in an underage prostitution ring.

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I don't know about that accusation, but a simple google search will show you that DeNiro and Harvey were thick as thieves. Harvey even used Ole Bob's "Tribeca Grill" as his favorite trolling spot to bring his victims for dates, even harassing female employees of DeNiro's without any problem from ole tough guy Bob. You never heard any "Fuck youz! from Deniro towards Weinstein.

His sanctimoniousness act is so hollow. Pure virtue signaling and distraction/projection.