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"They Live" was a dramatized documentary, not an entirely fictional film.

Who do you think (((they))) represent? It's too fitting to be coincidence. "Hello fellow humans! Let's watch some TV together!"

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Gives the vibe we are a prison planet for them

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I have to say when trying to figure out how exactly "They" run this Matrix they've built. You get to a point where you realize that the only rational thing is to move forward and QUESTION EVERYTHING. Then you ask yourself if "they" are just aliens... well that kind of spins you down some useless hole if you let it. So you then realize that until tangible proof emerges that your own eyes can witness you just have to file that whole mess away and deal with if only once needed.

It is very intriguing, to say the least. But then I also have to wonder with an advanced race capable of interstellar travel... what the fuck possible use could they possibly have for meatbags like us, even in a slave labor or mining operation?? You're telling me you've overcome relativity, near infinite POWERFUL energy source that is portable, traveling through deep space... and you need human slaves to extract gold for you?? wtf???

Any intelligence capable of overcoming those technical issues MUST be of a more benevolent nature.

I like the biblical creation stories of all major religions. The one theme of God and Satan being brothers, God cast his brother down to earth to live among humanity. There are other details across various religions that there was initially some collaborative effort between God and Satan, but then an argument over something about how to proceed with this collaborative project caused God to abandon us and leave Satan here among us as punishment. I'm generalizing greatly but many parts of that theme appear in historical texts.

So we could be some alien science teams experiment. They found our isolated planet and spliced the DNA of homo erectus with their own and made some tweaks. Then for some reason the rest of the team turned against this one alien named Lucifer, abandoning him on earth with us and blasting away at light speed for a few minutes returning here 200,000+ years later.

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Much of the work of David Icke goes along this line as well. "Reptilians" are considered, by some, to be synonymous to Jews. In his later work he even specifies "Rothschild Zionism" as the running culprit that dates all the way back to the Anunnaki, who are said to be beings from another world who bred with people and maintained specific bloodlines.

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The title is actually : (((They))) Live.

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It is about jews.. plain and simple.. the dog whistles in this movie are blatant and great.. great movie.

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I always thought the same, but John Carpenter himself has addressed this and has said that it's just a sci-fi movie. He's also a liberal boomer, so the chances of it having a subversive message are very slim.

Still though, I enjoy it for what it is and we can interpret it however we please.

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God's hand is a mysterious one. A liberal makes a movie criticizing mainstream, consumer culture, but instead accidentally creates a near perfect allegory about jewry at the same time.

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Jews probably threatened him.

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I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass

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Not really a fan but I think u must be referring to POS or doomtree or is it shredders. They used this movie in their music video. Its my gf, music video is cool but music I can't seem to get behind. I'm more of a lofi hiphop fan. Even low end theory. But can't listen to those guys. Guess I'm just old now.

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It's a quote from the movie, faggot. Ad libbed by the great Rowdy Roddy Piper.

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huh, it's mine now... lol

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Good ol' Rowdy Roddy Piper. Actually a bagpiper, too.

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one of my favorites...

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If there is a Meme Hall of Fame this belongs in it.

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