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'Halloween': See first photo of Jamie Lee Curtis in her horror return

'Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her “final girl” role for the 40th anniversary of John Carpenter’s original 1978 fright fest. '

'Classic horror villain Michael Myers returns in a new Halloween. ', "In the first film — the actress' Hollywood debut — “she was running for her life,” says Curtis, 59. “In this case, she is well-matched, she is prepared, she is focused."

'Unfortunately for him, so does Laurie Strode. '

'But in director David Gordon Green’s follow-up (in theaters Oct. 19), the tables have turned a bit: Laurie has been preparing for a rematch with the iconic knife-wielding masked psycho, and when he stalks her again in suburban Haddonfield, Ill., she’s as ready for him as he is for her. '

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She is woman, hear her roar,
In ways tedious that bore ....

Halloween I was good, Halloween 2 was OK; after that, no reason to exist.

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Halloween 2 was pointless too. The ending to the first one was perfectly creepy and Halloween 2 took away from that

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Would still pee in Jamie Lee's butt. Sophia loren also.

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... I was hoping it would feature the other Mike Myers.

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That is rather confusing that they say 1 character and 1 actress in the headline. I know Mike Myers is the bad guy in that series so I had to check that they did mean him and not Austin Powers.