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The autist of the crew needs his own story. For diversity!

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It looks okay, but the whole "You are the hero who will save us all" is getting old. At least the over-the-top explosions are cut down.

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We know we didn’t need*


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Would you look at that. A female lead in a modern action movie. How original.

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I think they're actually going to do this one right.

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You know, I really liked the Transformer movies, but Bee as a fucking VW Beetle? Just no. Not only because of the fucked-up hippy SWJ bullshit connotation, but what the fuck are the Jews thinking - short memory if they're going to star a Volkswagen in a movie (I thought the same thing as a kid when they made the Herbie the Love Bug movies).

I know, the Transformers have always been a bit on the preachy "save the Earth" thing, but that's kind of their thing. Bumblebee is a goddam VW Beetle instead of a Chevy Camaro... are you kidding me?

I'm not sure if I'll be able to stomach this movie. I want to see it, but if it's going to suck and make me hate The Transformers, I'll pass. Right now it's not looking good.

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You must be one of them youngfags. Bumblebee was always a VW beetle in the originals. https://lmb3.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/tfmpbbg2-1.jpg