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Calling it now, the white men will all be evil or bumbling. The women and minorities will be everything good. In the end the power of teamwork allows two diverse teams of drivers to come together and win over some evil Trump lovers.

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Because nobody in Hollywood has any original ideas. Keep in mind Cannonball Run, was really a ripoff of an earlier movie Gumball Rally, which really was much better.

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Doug Liman Circling 'Cannonball Run'

Looks like the article made a typo. Headline should read:

'Cannonball Run' Circling Drain

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Why? Because bugmen will pay more money to watch their childhood ruined by shitty remakes and then spend even more on remastered versions of the old crap to remind them of why they had to remake the original crap. See also: GI Joe, Transformers, Smurfs, et al.