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Says the guy who makes movies.

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I agree with him.... and at the same time agree with you.

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Man who posted too little

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I think we treat a social media like lifes quick save.

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Bill Murray is awesome. I hope I never stop thinking that.

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I like how he just goes and hangs out with fans. That shit is funny.

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Jokes on bill i do neither

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He made a film adaption of Somerset Maugham‘s “The Razor’s Edge”, I thought it was good but it tanked in the box office. I recall (maybe incorrectly) he was only able to get funding to make it as part of his payment for making Ghostbusters.

Anyway, I think it’s worth a watch: at the very least you can tell this film encapsulated Murray’s world view.

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Is that the one where he is a hardcore alcoholic? I may be confusing it with a Michael Keaton film of the same time period, but if it was that film - very depressing. I have been around too many drunks to think spending 2 hours watching that shit on film is something I would want to do.

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Give the man a cigar! Its all about me me me, take photos of things instead of immersing oneself in life, These Peckerheads that document will one day come to understand a life wasted, The old adage applies, Small things amuse small minds.

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Here's my head out to dinner. Here's the steak I had. Here's my head by a free

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Exactly, sums it up so eloquently. Its good to see some people get it. still, Cuckerberg and Co should be tried for crimes against humanity!, Charge: How to dehumanize people to the detriment of society.

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I think if I had the millions Billy Murray had, I wouldnt give a fuck about much. And I would be on a yacht in some bay or at Monaco or lost in the Pacific. Living it.

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