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I believe him, unlike the other accused Celebrities i feel like he’s telling the truth.

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He's the first one to flat-out deny the allegations. Even before I read his denial I still smelled a rat; since the news broke on CNN and Freeman has been saying some pretty nice things about Trump lately. With Cosby it took me a while to see it, then I remembered the story in Cosby's book "Fatherhood" about how he and his friends went on a quest to aquire and use spanish fly to "make girls' clothes fly off". With Freeman, I just can't fucking see it at all.

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I knew him personally. Great guy.

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If a black man tells niggers to stop nogging this is what happens.

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Pretty sure this is exactly what's happening. Character assassination. He could lead some of the nogs to proper living. We can't have that on the plantation.

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Did he support Trump recently? Is that what these "charges" are about?

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He is rich and well known.That makes him an easy target for "metoo" crowd.

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Ask every one in prison, 100% will say I dident do it.

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But he was the only guilty man in Shawshank.

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He didusumptin.

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But technically nobody has accused him of sexual assault. So he may be telling the truth when by saying he didn't commit assault. Harassing or inappropriate behavior can be almost anything according to SJW types

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I'm pretty sure our All-American funny friendly nigger Bill Cosby said the same thing. Niggers have a different coding or set of built-in instructions about everything. If they think they have some power, the rapey DNA begins to assert itself. They see nothing wrong with this.

A lot of people think much more highly of Morgan Freeman than they should. He's really just a jew-made celebrity, designed to gull white people. Oh, and isn't he the nig who was fucking his step-granddaughter?

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..but apologized to anyone he may have upset, after media reported that women have accused him of inappropriate behavior or harassment.

You fucked up, they smell your sweat and will hunt you now.

CNN said...

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this one does seem fucky. 8 women with 8 witnesses but NOBODY industry wide has any prob with morgan until he spoke about nigger behavior?

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“I did not, OH HI MARK”

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This whole metoo shabang smells like an organized menhunt for political and financial gain. If anyone sensed any trace of this? I'd like to know more.

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