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This is what happens when you rape a franchise

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They arent raping it.

They are purposefuly weaponizing it to brainwash a new generation into suicidal behavior.

From their POV, the money lost in the box office is an INVESTMENT. They arent producing these shit flicks to make money. They earned money in previous decades, now they are putting that money to work to reap another kind of profit.

The destruction of the west, not money, is their primary goal. Making money (power, influence) first, then spending it to get what you really want is what theyre doing.

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The Jews already print all the money, they don't care about money. Almost all porn is free on the Internet. You can see any nude scene by any actress at any time for free. You can see pictures/videos of practically any actress you want as these (((leaks))) were made publicly available for free to everybody. Thousands of cam whores live every single night. Millions of videos on Jew owned websites like Pornhub, all for free.

Nobody ever questions how exactly they are paying all these people to perform and act, considering I can't think of one conceivable reason for paying for porn or who would, considering it's free everywhere in abundance. Makes you wonder (((who))) is funding all this free porn and the better question of, why?

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Rape it with a xenomorph.

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It's not rape when a xenomorph does it- that's just a part of their culture. It's a sexual emergency because if the facehugger is unable to face rape a person within a few hours of hatching, it dies, so it can't grow into a giant bug monstrosity.

Stop being so xenophobic.

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A lot of people will fail to grasp that Solo is a legitimate bomb despite putting up otherwise 'big' numbers at the box office. Batman v Superman had the same factors in play, it was a pretty big bomb despite 900m in box office revenue.

Movies typically need to make about TWICE their production budget to merely break even. The marketing costs, distribution fees, etc. add up. If a movie costs $200 million dollars to make, you've got to get to $400 million at the box office to start making money. This particular movie had outrageous production and marketing costs, well more than most movies, as such it probably needs 2.5x to 3x to break even. Given they basically scrapped the movie and did heavy reshoots and the insane marketing, this movie likely won't start seeing profit till the 800-900 million mark (pretty obscene right?). This means Solo will probably end up breaking about even in terms of costs and revenue, which for a Star Wars movie is unheard of.

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The toys aren't selling well either.

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Could also partly be that word is out that it is nothing but bad fan service. It incorporates everything we have heard about Han's past in previous movies into what is basically one event in his life. He is now not this long term smuggler who did all of these impressive things over the years, but some dude who was thrown into a situation where pretty much everything he is known for happens back-to-back.

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I had always imagined the Solo stories as a set of series based off the Americana Highway genre that was contemporaneous with the ot in the late 70's - early 80's. Something like the Canon Ball Runs, Any Which Ways, and the Smokie and the Bandits.

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Never thought of it that way but not too far off. I always figures the Kessel Run, the dumping cargo reference, meeting Chewie, meeting Lando, and getting involved with Jabba to be mostly separate things. This movie makes them all out to be part of something that is mostly one adventure. And it is an adventure I wasn't necessarily wanting to see.

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I like it. We finally get to see how the Sith run the underworld spy/control groups. There is a lot of potential here.

The last Star Wars movie sucked terribly, but Solo was pretty good. About on par with Rogue One, but I liked it a bit more.

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Bogus you're getting down voted for voicing your opinion. Probably by people that haven't seen it.

I'm refraining from seeing Solo in the theater, I'm still feeling burned by TLJ. I'm still interested enough to watch when it hits video.

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That's pretty common.

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Put on yer eye patch, laddy.

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Yep, same way he would get downvoted if he said he like to sit around in poopy diapers and watch "My little Pony". That's the way it works. Say some fucked up shit and get downvoted. You can't hide behind "it's just my opinion!"

The article detailed how fucked up the movie was, and he has no counter to what was written other than he likes it. Fuck that.

Kathleen Kennedy is the 65-year-old producer in charge of the Star Wars franchise. She is also a committed left-wing social justice warrior and feminist who is using the Star Wars franchise to push her obnoxious agenda.

Kennedy undoubtedly believed that with such a beloved and iconic property, she was bulletproof; that she could be as strident and obnoxious as she pleased, and we dumbass Americans would still slavishly get the line because spaceships and laser-guns are cool ‘n stuff.

She was wrong, and The Last Jedi was the beginning of the end.

Kennedy is not appealing to our sense of adventure and shared aspirations, she is hectoring and scolding us. She is not appealing to our shared humanity, she is dividing us up into tribal camps based on race gender, color, and where we like to put our sex organs.

Kathleen Kennedy is such a bad storyteller, so heavy-handed, so selfish, so narcissistic, so wrong, so divisive, so out of touch, that a Star Wars movie — a Star Wars movie, y’all –– will probably lose money.

He doesn't give a fuck about any of that, and that earns a downvote from me. Fucking cuck.

I got downvotes for saying "all the Star Wars movies were horrible" if you would re-watch them as an adult you would see that. I got downvoted big time for that "opinion", where were you to protect me?!?!?!?! lol

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Wait, what? The Sith are running the underworld spy/control groups? When you say Sith, do you mean "Palpatine and Vader"? I'm pretty sure those are the only two left alive in Han Solo's lifetime.

Did you mean "how the Empire handles espionage"? The term Sith is confusing because it can refer to individuals, a couple people, or a collective organization.

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There are lots of Sith. I don't want to be a spoiler, but Sith operate in pairs of Master/Apprentice and they don't all work together in a cabal.

The best thing I can equate it to as I never watched the clone wars are the subplots in the Bioware Star Wars MMORPG. I played to about level 40 as the Imperial Spy and this movie gave me that kind of feeling.

The Sith are barely mentioned in it, but there it is.

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Thanks. Your brief review will make me more likely to watch it sooner than later. I'm still going to expect a total turd of a film, but when I go into a movie with negative expectation, I'm usually pleasantly suprised. Except for TLJ.... I expected a turd there.... and that's what I got.

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I think in the theater it will be awesome, I saw a shitty cam of it. The vehicle designs for Correlian vehicles [including an imperial speeder/traffic bike] are like an attempt at mirroring "American Graffiti". A throwback to a love story with the big chunky muscle cars of the 50's. [Though I definitely got more of a 30's design vibe from Correlia]

And the backstory about how the Millenium Falcon was won is good to see. And Chewbacca!

There was only one stupid scene imho. But if I put it into the perspective of 10 year old me who is the true Star Wars fan, it's still awesome.

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Solo was the most expensive SW movie to make to date; over $250 million Hollywood production dollars...ouch.

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I only read some on the article.

Is Solo only bombing because of the shit show TLJ was? Seems silly if they’re directed and produced by different people than those in charge of TLJ if that is indeed the case.

Or is the movie just fundamentally bad for various reasons?

I for one am underwhelmed by the new series as a whole compared to even the prequels, but I’d hate to see people shit on entirely as a series because of one bad movie in the lineup.

Rogue One was good. TFA was decent but still missed the mark as far as I’m concerned. TLJ was poop but as I mentioned, as long as the next one or any other one has a different director and/or producer, then I’d be dumb not to give the next one a legitimate shot and not go in with a poor attitude.

Again, this is all under the assumption that the movie is tanking for reasons other than just bad story/acting/writing, etc as I like much of the cast in other things.

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Unfortunately a different writer/director only go so far. The lizards up top make decisions which can derail a movie.

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  1. It was a movie nobody wanted or was excited for.

  2. Star Wars fatigue, they are releasing these things too fast and they aren't special anymore.

  3. The Last Jedi was absolutely awful and killed Star Wars for a lot of people.

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tfa was absolute dogshit, SW didnt die with tlj, i never bothered watching it after tfa since that left a bad taste in my mouth. also you would be dumb to give the next one a legitimate shot considering they have been shitting down your throat for the last set of movies. just rip it if you are curious, but dont give those greedy kikes a fucking cent, fuckers dont deserve it.

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Rogue One was good. That and Empire are the two best ones. If you didn’t see it, you’re missing out.

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I'm expecting more from Solo than TLJ. Rogue One didn't blow me away by any means, but I appreciated it a lot more than the new sequels.

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I just saw an ad on a video that said "Come see the fun film that critics are raving about!" I actually lol'ed, because if you just look at the word "raving" in the context of a "raving madman", it becomes a true statement.

Clever bastards.

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And who says you can't kill a character twice. With all these spinoffs and such we get to watch them die again, and again...

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