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Reminder that Robert DeNiro is a foolish oil driller who squandered his genetics with an ugly negress.

DeNiro and his Father

DeNiro and his Son

Circus family

Opinion invalidated.

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Looking upon those photos makes me sad. It's so gross to see a man destroy his family history for a monkey. I mean this with sincerity, those children look retarded.

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For every "Mixed race people are so beautifull!" there are 500 56% ogres that are born into abject suffering because their white parent thought they were being a rebel.

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Mutts are fugly.

If you don't believe me, look at the black market situation of child sex slaves.

No mutts, and the highest price tag are for pure-blooded European white little girls (esp. blonde colored eyes one).

Can't get more objective than this. It doesnt matter, everyone from the jewish cabal, african warlord, arab prince, asian mafia, to the average white joe, have pretty similar view of heaven.

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Look retarded?! Statistically they are retarded.

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Jesus. I doubt DeNiro's genetics are anything to get excited about, but his ancestors deserved better than this.

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wow that is a new line of ugly

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It's hard to see anything with his fuckin mole in the way!

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Who cares. Everyone knows that the best Japanese food is served at the Trump Tower hotels.

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I wouldn't eat in a pedophile devil worshipers restaurant and I doubt that The President would either.

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Actually he has in the past so I guess that means he must have supported pedophiles.

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I did that when I saw Men of Honor, around 2002. If you don't know why, torrent it and check.

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I don't think he's into Sushi. If it was a McDonald's on the other hand...

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NOBU restaurants absolutely suck.....the food is average at best and the prices are insane. Like Bobby D himself- no white woman wanted a pathetic wanna be drug dealer...pretty sure we wouldn't have lost Belushi if it wasn't for the speedball from Di=Nero...FUCK YOU and your shitty over priced food.

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Is NOBU another of his wife's business ideas? I remember DeNiro getting upset cause she lost money on some coffee venture.

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Wow. That will sure show Trump...

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For real- the leader of the world's greatest nation that history has ever seen will likely lose sleep over this.

I can see it now- after Trump has his diet Coke and two scoops of ice cream (making sure to provide guests with only one scoop, because fuck them) as he lays his head down his pillow, thousands of variables swirling through his head as he ponders the world-changing decisions he's going to make next... and then he remembers: Robert De Niro doesn't want me at his gay restaurants!

Suddenly, all of that business about "peace on the Korean peninsula" and "securing our southern border" seems so petty and meaningless. What does any of that matter if he can't go to a faggot celebrity's eatery for sushi!? Oh, woe to Trump.

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that is like Banning himself from Rhianna's pussy...

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