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He fucks Chewie?

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He fucks droids apparently, just like the rest of Silicon valley.

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Chewie? I thought that was a cameo with the Ghostbusters chick!

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ROFL...seriously, that was funny!

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That's what I cane here to say. I'm not into Star Wars, I'm Star Trek....but I venture into other fandoms. I thought about giving Star Wars another chance until I read they are making Solo' s sexuality all wierd. Even as a woman, for me, that's just off putting. No thanks.

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Check out the stuff in the old EU, i.e. "Legends," lots of good stuff there. Start with the Thrawn trilogy, if you like that check out Darth Plagueis, then branch out from there. I'm a fan of both franchises myself, discounting STD and the JJ films.

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You mean, youre not attracted to sodomites?!

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Good. Fuck that piece of shit anti second amendment commie Donald Glover

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Behind scenes clips show he was a drain on community. Ahbed and allisson bree carried lazy unfunny ass.

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You got links? I kinda believe this

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DonG lover

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Feminism continues to rape my childhood.

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Feminism Leftism continues to rape my childhood.

Feminism is just a branch of leftism. Singling out feminism but not mentioning leftism is protecting leftism. Dont do that.

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Any time you hear the words "critical" or "modern" or "post-modern" just replace it with "leftist" or "Communist". Critical race studies. Critical theory. Post-modern art. It is all subversive. The CIA sponsored 'modern' art, to move the art world from Paris, to New York. For a number of reasons, from money laundering/trafficking, to subversion of societal values.

Racism, feminism, central banks, all spring from (((Communism))).

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Don't tell me what to do.

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They rape your childhood because their hideous looks mean their own rape fantasies go unrealized.

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nobody wants ur ugly ass childhood

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No I will not make out with you.

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Good. TFA (AKA The Feminist Agenda) reeked of a blatant Mary Sue and some weak/weird villain design. TLJ basically did nothing but confirm everyone's worst fears from TFA, and yet somehow still shock everyone with how bad it was at everything across the board.

Now that they've literally killed off all of the main cast from the originals (after they made Chewbacca into an obedient little pet for Rey and bet everything on Leia carrying the weight of all 3, despite them literally throwing away the only chance of Star Wars fans getting a scene where the 3 characters could have actually met up in-universe for the first time in decades, only to have Carrie Fisher's old drug habit finish her life off-screen) and their new writers keep trying to outdo each other with deeper degeneracy, there should be nothing left keeping this series alive but blind nostalgia or brand loyalty from the most blind or stupid of the fanbase.

It's past time for Disney's Star Wars to die in a silent bankrupt whimper.

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Time to let go off your childish memories of the first 3 movies. They sucked as well.

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They do suck. I mean, I like them, and growing up I loved the SW universe, but as movies they’re shit.

This is why I like the prequels. They’re shit movies, but they flesh out the universe and fit into the story.

I remember reading the back story of anakin fighting obi wan 10+ years before the prequels. Every game, novel, everything always fit into the universe.

I can’t believe they just threw that all away.

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"star wars is too white and I'm going to remedy that" - jew JJ Abrahams

There's three Star Wars movies and that is the first three. Anything after that is to be laughed at.

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Star Wars was not too white

Lando- black

Darth Vader- black

C3PO- faggot

R2D2- Trans

Ewoks- Mentally disabled

Jabba- BHM

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Stars was not too white

Lando- black

Darth Vader- black

C3PO- faggot

R2D2- Trans

Ewoks- Mentally disabled

Jabba- BHM

LMAO too funny

but its true,C3PO sounded very faggy

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Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are both Jews.

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Good. I hope it flops.

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Fagney needs to die in a fire already.

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i dont even intend to watch a single clip of this film until the cringe compilations start coming out

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I have seen every Star Wars in theater until the last two.

After VII and Rogue One I learned my leason. These are just high budget shitty fan flicks.

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Except these aren't 'fans' these are people who hate star wars fans and the demographics the originals appealed to.

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