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I paid this mans salary for well over 8 years by now and I have no desire to enrich him further.

It may well be time for me to cancel the service.

Edit: https://twitter.com/go1dfish/status/999001726517633024?s=21

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You are still paying for him. He still has secret service.

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Former presidents receive a pension equal to the pay that the head of an executive department (Executive Level I) would be paid, as of 2017 $207,800 per year. The pension begins immediately after a president's departure from office.

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That’s the “at least a decade” I refer to in the tweet.

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Lol you use Twitter and Netflix. Jesus.

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Jesus has nothing to do with any of this. This is some Cthulhu shit right here.

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I just want netflix to pay Michel to finally show his cokk'n'bawlz

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How about the Michelle doc: "How much of my dick fit into Barry's mouth"

The people need to know the answers to the tough questions.

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Aaaand I just canceled Netflix.

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I'd pay for that, just so normies can finally see the truth. It's insane how many people still aren't aware that Michelle Michael is smuggling meat and potatoes down her his slacks.

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Can you imagine the shit they had planned had Hillary won?

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Some of them were probably produced ahead of time.

Have you seen the Hillary kid's book?

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Yes. Hillary and her followers were going to fuck America hard and reign in a degenerate age. Trump slowed it down but the progressives aren't going to stop trying until we civil war.

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hillary is a cannibal.

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I honestly don't doubt it. I think many of the elites are satanic degenerates

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Wow, those comments really show the leftist echo chamber/hive mind.

Everything they don't like is 'denial' or 'Fox News'. And of course they also think everyone agrees with them!

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I'd wager a lot of that is Twitter censorship. Otherwise there would be more dissent there.

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I love how leftists accuse conservatives of living in a bubble and being in denial!

I wonder where they learned (((projection))) like that!

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Twitter itself is a liberal echo chamber. Everyone else either quit or got censored.

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They lost me forever at 'Dear White People'. I'd been with them from the start. I called them up and fully expressed my distaste for the whole situation and that if they did air that shit, that I was gone and not coming back. They did, I bounced and I will never return. Ever.

Pie Rats find all kinds of tasty pies.

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Obama's tolerance amounts to one thing -- hate whitey.

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Netflix is over for me as far as I'm concerned. It's pure shite.

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Stop watching al propaganda. Learn something, do something.

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Covenant, Exodus, Deceit and Sportsdevil (if you like Sports) includes everything you could ever watch, including a "Netflix" area for their specific propagan shows. There's no reason any goat should have Nutlix.

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