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If i'm not mistaken leon the professional had at least one scene with pedophilic undertones.

Found an article that discusses it https://medium.com/@nerdypoc/should-director-luc-bessons-pedophilia-really-be-forgotten-5471a2c7c9d5

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Dude that whole movie has pedophiliac undertones. Its well made but the Portman's character is so fucking sexualized I am surprised that they released it at the time.

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They almost get you rooting for it at the end. Very awkward for sure

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Natalie Portman was born in Israel.

Are there any true Euro heritage American actresses?

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yeah I never watched it myself, just remember reading that somewhere or hearing it discussed.

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Asia Argento Says She's "Known About" Luc Besson Allegations for Eight Months #LucBesson https://twitter.com/Rxnnah/status/998048290187960322 he has a facebook account https://www.facebook.com/LucBessonOfficial/posts/1932983283413086

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all movies had women being taken advantage of.... but it is ok though because they fell in love later.....

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That's why Taken was so good...He knew how this stuff really operate since he probably is involved in it.

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truth is stranger than fiction

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No "multipass" this time.

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real counterculture movement on patriotism, law, language, borders, culture is born

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Did you make that same comment on reddit lol

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I don't have a fucking dumbass redit acct mr 23 day account dude. But i bet you do.

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He oughta be arrested for Lucy alone.

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Why? That was an excellent movie.

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"Lucy" : A Movie About the Uber trans human and Luciferian or Hedonist Philosophy? Sca Jo no stranger to scifi doing the God from the Machine Ghost in the Shell and Superpowered Avengers Franchise. The conspiarcy movies predict the future at some stage the alien machine lizard AI enterprise has a single objective to control all human beings from the top down. A drug runner across Asia or Asscrackistan or a feminized goddess tranny machine archetype rising above all adversity, in ferocious neo-Darwinian fashion this old new Lizard shapeshifter Lucy is the climax of this goddess myth? A movie which Took 9 Years to Make?? I don't think Lucy was a bad movie but it wasn't a great movie either, also over marketed and hyped for its time.

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So Lucy was a Jew film. I just laughed at the idiotic premise of the movie. "Humans only use 10% of their brains." It's new age garbage that isn't even true. At any given time people are using about 10% of their brains, but the brain is compartmentalized like the rooms of a house. You might only be using 10% of your house right now. However, the other rooms have a purpose, and you go to them as needed.

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Did you know voat's pizzagate mods have been deleting topics on Luc Besson for some time ?? @migratorypatterns @TrishaUK @VoatisCIA @carmencita was this mod MF or some other censorship!!? https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1563955/7626680 N.Portman was discovered for the professional in a pizza parlor fyi. Dig pls ...... why was voat deleting such topics?

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More censorship here..?! It never stops!....and number of times 'censorship' is called into question keeps increasing !

Look, Besson is a Freak!!! It's all coming out now - this week's news on Besson:

Luc Besson Accused of Rape by Actress in France

Link : https://variety.com/2018/film/global/luc-besson-rape-accusation-france-1202816823/

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Re X% of brain, brain activity are electrical impulses inside our brain which is soggy meat. I would think a higher level of brain activity would start to dry and fry our brain.

IIRC thats exactly the issue for a number oi f brain problems that cause extreme activity in tge same area of brain.

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The brain is about 4% of body mass for an average person, but it consumes about 20% of the energy. This is why your brain is always trying to take shortcuts and likes things to be habitual.

If you'd like to wear your brain out, try this exercise that stimulates transcontextual thinking.

  1. Think of an item. Shirt.

  2. Think of a category that item belongs to. Clothing.

  3. Think of an unrelated, broad category. Weaponry.

  4. Think of something specific from the previous category. Sword.

  5. Think of how these two items could be mixed together or combined together.

Could you make a sword out of a shirt? How about a shirt out of a sword? What about a shirt that can be worn but taken off and used as a sword? I've never once thought of shirts and swords in such a manner. Although, this is quite impractical and unrealistic, it's already making my brain tired to think of such things. One more exercise in transcontextual thinking, and I will probably want to quit.

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Lol I was hanging out with a friend after he watched that, and we were both pretty stoned. I had to try to explain to this stoned nigger why it was bullshit, but it just did not work.

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It was fiction.

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People believe the idiotic claim that we only use 10% of our brains, though.

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I really want to know what Natalie Portman has to say, ROFLMAO.

She won't say anything, because she owes her entire career to that one movie she made with him. Pretty much the only good performance she's ever had.

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crazy conspiracy? Neta-Lee Hershlag dual citizenship https://hooktube.com/watch?v=XJ9fGdB_Q_8 tv movies ....equals programming?

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If this is true and Besson's career is condignly consigned to the wastebin, I'll be thrilled. I don't know of an individual who's done more to reduce to abject inanity and Americanize French cinema in the past thirty years.

Besson's a cur, a smarmy fraud who's seldom beheld an idea or premise pioneered by a superior cineaste that he wouldn't pinch to supplement his own inane conceptions. Leon is essentially Cassavetes' Gloria with the protagonists' genders reversed so he could indulge in hebephiliac coquetry (and indue plenteous melodrama). He hired Jean Giraud as a conceptual artist for his moronic Fifth Element to justify the selective plagiarization of Moebius' and Jodorowsky's comic book The Incal. His Lockout emulates Carpenter's Escapes from New York and L.A. so flagrantly that Carpenter and StudioCanal won a plagiarism case against him a few years ago -- a feat even less common in the E.U. than in the U.S.

Years after he co-scripted and produced Taken to profit on the anxieties of goys victimized by immigrants and elites, he penned an incredibly sanctimonious dyslogism against Marine Le Pen for addressing those very problems during her presidential campaign. He has the unmitigated cheek to denounce a genius like Leos Carax (to whom he's absurdly likened) for pretentiousness despite the preposterous posturing in most of flicks, all of which are dripping with bathos. Only Besson could wrest hammy trumpery from Gary Oldman (twice!). In either French or English, his dialogue's invariably asinine, his idiom as slapdash as tonally erratic and unbearably hokey. That he ascended to renown while virtuosi like Chabrol, Rohmer, Resnais, Pialat, et al. were still churning out their last masterworks only demonstrates the ebb of the popular French cinematic palate.

I can't even compare Besson to irredeemable shitbags like Spielberg (who'd still as many good as bad movies in him before my testes descended) or Boll, who has the character to present his work as lowbrow bunk. He's truly an avatar for everything wrong with contemporary cinema, its production and its commercialization.

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Looks like she’s only concerned about women.

As with everything else, never mind what happens to men.

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Men do have the majority of the power positions. So men would likely do this more. Just by numbers.

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What I mean is the abuse of young boys. Why does she only stand up for other women?

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