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Every time i hear 'The Wachowski....' my mind automatically ends the sentence with 'Faggots'

ONE good movie. One. Then utter shite.


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https://archive.fo/SjZNj :

'Speed Racer' Came at a Turning Point for Hollywood - The Atlantic

'The opening seven minutes of the Wachowskis’ Speed Racer are the definition of sensory overload. '

'Speed Racer is a tale of individual triumph over corporate interests in which Speed rejects an evil conglomerate (the corrupt Royalton Industries) to compete independently. '

'Speed Racer was given a prime release date at the start of the summer box office in early May, a huge budget ($120 million), and a massive merchandising push. '

'Speed Racer was probably doomed no matter what its box-office competition, given its poor reviews and hyperstylized, visual effects–heavy world—the Wachowskis’ vision was simply too sincere and goofy to catch on. '

'The audience processes a colossal amount of storytelling at once, as our hero, Speed (Emile Hirsch), prepares for a pivotal race. '

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