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Enjoy your pay cut.

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How will he know? And how will he evaluate what "equal" is? It's just a PR move.

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Viewers value male actors more than female actors and thus male actors are paid more. Blame the viewers, not Hollywood.

Men can be good protagonists because they are allowed to be flawed and they can get roughed up. Present a women that way and people will claim sexism.

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I’m thinking back to his filmography wondering how the hell he expected that to work out.

However many millions he was paid for Doctor Strange, did he expect them to match that for Tilda Swindon or Rachel McAdams despite them only having a handful of scenes each?

While on the set of Sherlock did he grill the producers about how much they were paying the old lady who played Mrs Hudson?

While he wasn’t the lead in the hobbit movies, I wonder if he wouldn’t have walked out of the recording studio if he learned that Evangeline Lily wasn’t getting Martin Freeman/ Ian McKellan money for her dozen or so lines.

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Exactly. Just virtue signaling and hoping the roles will come rolling in based on his voluntary pay reduction. I really think that the supporting crews in the film industry should start pushing their own agenda for equal pay. Especially considering how much cgi is used. Mark Ruffalo gets 2 million to pretend to be Hulk or the entire design team who actually brings Hulk to life, who has more value? Hollywood as a business would shut that type of talk down in no time.

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And the wage gap myth continues. It gets old listening to these people saying stupid shit for attention.

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The left wants equal outcome...not true equality based on merit

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what a brave stance to take after you're already worth 30 million https://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/actors/benedict-cumberbatch-net-worth/

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