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Oh, it's already out? I really let go of that franchise.

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Last movie was so bad! Did not even finished it... They took a smoking dump on the franchise and ruined it

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They did that back when Episode 1 was released. Have you been asleep this whole time?

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Ever since Disney got their greed hands on this, they are trying to milk every single possible angle out of it.

Even my wife hated Last Jedi, as it was a steaming dump with mixed messages and questionable adherence to the canon of Star Wars.

One SINGLE ship jumping into hyperspace can destroy a fleet?

Disney was so promising with Rogue One then took a plane ride right into the north tower of WTC

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As someone who favors sci-fi, I am going to watch this movie as if it is in a bubble and just enjoy the story and special effects no matter how it violates the original story line, or how this writer was better/worse than that writer, or how SJW involvement has ruined the series: I won't care. I will just watch it like I do a lot of other presupposed worthy/unworthy sci-fi works. I won't pay for it, though: on principal.

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Fair enough. I actually really liked "Rogue One". I think what worries me about this movie is that I was always interested in Han’s back story. I remember reading the novels about him when they first came out. He was always the most interesting character. I really question their casting for him, though, and just no longer have any trust in the poeple running the franchise to produce a movie that is true to the character.

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I actually liked them all: though I rolled my eyes alot when the second wave came out and I lowered my expectations when the 3rd series wave came out (but was pleasantly surprised for reasons). Just like the new Star Trek is a bit over the top with the sjw shit, but I am pretty confident that later on it will all smooth out. I just like sci-fi enough to take the good with the bad.

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There are HUNDREDS of great novels, series, trilogies that could be done, but they just insist on sticking with this dead horse that should have been turned to glue.

The "Berserker" series, Kim Robinson,'s Mars Trilogy, the rest of Douglas Adams (angrily ignore Netflix's butchery of Dirk Gently), any of 100 plus works of Asimov

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Can't wait for the originality.

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https://archive.fo/bEp0I :

'Solo: A Star Wars Story': First reactions hit after world premiere

"Stars Alden Ehrenreich (Han Solo), Donald Glover (Lando Calrissian) and Emilia Clarke (Qi'Ra) heralded the first public view of director Ron Howard's Solo: A Star Wars Story at the Hollywood world premiere Thursday night."

'The spin-off Star Wars story features a young Solo befriending his future co-pilot Chewbacca and meeting the notorious gambler Calrissian (opening May 25). '

'Indiewire film editor Kate Erbland wrote that Solo takes time "to find its feet" but eventually "totally flies."'

'Official reviews will be released on May 15, but premiere attendees tweeted out their first reactions to the movie. '

'Mashable.com deputy editor Angie Han wrote that "Ehrenreich is the real deal."'

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