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Literally just didn't want to watch a movie with Oprah

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She is a terrible "actress" if one can even call her that. The only time anyone ever says anything about her "acting" is The Color Purple. It was a thousand years ago and it was meh. It's so meh most people couldn't tell you dick about it either. It's like a cultural touchstone with no substance.

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what are you talking about current times. that is not praise for oprah that just how bad its gotten

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true, and the young black girl in the lead a huge mistake

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Lost $100m... Not enough!! We can do better people!!

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I'm not watching it as hard as I can.

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I don't watch it every day!

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They fundamentally changed the characters and story, why? I loved this book as a kid but had no interest in taking my children to their bastardized version of it. Plus like @kinyu said, why would I want to see anything staring Oprah?

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To be fair, the book was fucking weird.

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I fully cut out Hollywood from my life after Marvel tried to use their success to swing the results of a country's election. Literally the only thing that will ever convince me that Hollywood has changed is if "at some point in the near future, some big studio will take the top-rated unmade script about 'Trump's early career and his first major construction project' (codenamed" The Builder"), make it into a feature-length movie, market it properly, and leave all of their political bias out of the film".

Short of that, ShekelWood is never getting another goddamn half-penny out of my wallet, nor will their filth take space on my hard drive from pirating sites.

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Upvoted for "ShekelWood".

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Pretty sure that South Park did it first in their anti-Weinstein episode they made years ago.

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Yes goyim. But make sure you play video games. Or read magazines. Or read the news on the Internet.

You can't stay on the internet and claim to fight against the Jews.

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Could it be that they make bad movies ? that they gave this to an inexperience director, who wanted to change the story and did it badly (probably because she didn't read the book initially).

I didn't even find christian themes until I read many waters in this set of books.

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There's your problem right there

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