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Hollywood has over jewed their hand. People are waking up to the fact that a bunch of degenerate jews like Harvey Weinstein are pushing garbage propaganda and calling it art. I really believe there are more conservatives in the country that libtards by a long shot.

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Conservative and Liberal are really euphemisms for Adult and Child.

Everyone is born a libtard because our parents sacrifice on our behalf so we can afford to live on pie-in-the-sky sentimental bullshit. But once we're tasked with taking care of other people and once the bill is shoved in our direction, we magically become 'conservative'.

You want to cure liberalism? It's simple. You just require everyone to serve a mandatory 2 year term in either the police force or the military once they hit 18. Liberalism will be confined to the playgrounds of elementary schools where it belongs.

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The problem is that the progressive scum own the media, therefore, they own people who consume it. Those people become convinced, convicted, and zealous to the cause of (((progressivism))) (regressivism) from having it piped straight into their brains with entertainment and "news".

The definition of liberal needs to be changed or we all need to collectively accept that all men are not created equal, or change the definition of "men".

This of course will bring widespread turmoil that will destabilize multi-racial countries and why the united states has never enacted it. It makes this country very difficult to live in.

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The media doesn't have the influence you think it does. It's why Trump won. We have all propped the "media" up as some long reaching arm. The most popular news channel in EARLY 2017 was fox with only 1.7 million viewers. We have over 350 million people in this country. MSNBC only got 715k viewers. These talking heads are welfare propped up by ads. Sure, people look at the websites too, but so what? They can look at dozens of websites in an hour. People don't make their decisions based on the news. They just like to point to it when it happens to back up whatever point they are making.

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Fuck all the bullshit...I was there the day this scene was shot...it wasn't even planned Lee showed up in Full ESU (Enlisted Service Uniform) /w his actual medals at 7am. This scene was shot the same day. Hollywood lost a great actor because they didn't like the way he spoke.

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Authoritarians can be like that.. Look what they did to this guy..


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Fuck Hollywood. Torrent everything.

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I am surprised they left Seven out of his credits.

IT really is shocking how even mild criticism of Obama or Hillary can ruin a career, but you can say anything imaginable about Trump, Pence, and their families. Truly disgusting. That is why the get ZERO Shekels from me.

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I like it, further radicalizes people and feeds our movement.


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I wondered what happened to him. He was all over the place in commercials. I figured he had just made enough money and was taking it easy.

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I'm sure he wasn't heart broken that he never got invited to drink baby blood with Hollywood elites

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“I am also not prejudiced! I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops or greasers. Here you are all equally worthless!” -R. Lee Ermey

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what was the moral of Full Metal Jacket ?

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Never trust a fat.

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