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Jumanji was an awesome flick. We watched it in the cheap theater, came home - rented it online and watched it - then bought it.

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which spiderman reboot by this point are we dealing with in this example, and on a scale of 1-10 how gay is this peter parker

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This newest Parker is more like an actual kid than Tobey tried to be, but he stayed pretty scrawny so he's more cuckold-level than gay.

Overall though, mulatto Mary Jane aside, it was actually rather entertaining and didn't pander too much. This Spiderman seems closer of the type to follow the comic book bromance with Deadpool.

With that in mind I'd say about a 4.

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ah ok that one

for some reason they think constantly rebooting this shit will eventually produce a good result and its just making me confused as fuck what "the latest spiderman movie" is because they seem to put out a new one yearly

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All of them appear to be attracted to Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy or Liz so I don't think any of them are gay