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I didn't think anything could make Ep I,II,III look good, but then came Force Awakens that was clearly written by laid-off Nickelodeon writers and Last Jedi was slapped together by a coven of 15 year old feminists. I think their popularity can only be explained by the majority of people succumbing to cognitive collapse as they can no longer handle the flood of instant information. Star Wars for the idiocracy.

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a coven of 15 year old feminists

You know, my first reaction upon watching the movie was that it felt like a story written by a mean young woman who hates men for reasons that only are valid in her own warped brain. I was shocked when I kept hearing that Rian Johnson wrote the thing on his own. Then I found out about the all-female writing team and it all made sense again.

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Well holy shit. You got a good link for that? I always thought it made no sense this dipshit from nowhere was given control of a billion dollar IP. I figured there was like 80 ghost writers that spent months drinking complicate and impossibly hip caffeinated beverages while bitching about how stupid people are that watch their products.

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Every male character fucks up, and his fuck up is fixed by a female... so retarded

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If it would just that it would at least be consistent, but it's even more of a mess. Poe does the right thing and saves the rebellion by destroying the Dreadnaught, yet the movie wants to make us think that was a bad thing. Holdo gets most of the rebellion killed by trying to evacuate them into a dead end in unshielded and clearly visible transports, yet that's the hero action? Finn tries to make a suicide run, but that's now a bad thing, despite being fine when Holdo did it. Rose trying to saving him by crashing into him and stranding them in front of a large group of AT-AT and so on. There is very little that the woman do that actually makes them look competent, plot-armor has to come in and save the day each time.

The only ones that are doing their job are Paige Tico and Tallie, but both are just side characters that get killed of pretty quick.

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I didn't think anything could make Ep I,II,III look good, but then came Force Awakens

I thought the tone and gritty feel of the movie was good. Visually it felt more like the originals than the cartoon-like prequels. But yes, the story was garbage. Haven't seen TLJ nor do I plan to.

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I'm not even torrenting that crap

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The slow motion dodge that Luke does when Ben Solo is trying to fight him at the end was the coup de grace for me.

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life moves on

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What a shitty fucking movie. Even Mark Hamill disagreed with what they did to Luke before the suits probably gave him shit about his comments. They had to include the fat asian chick, and the purpled haired lady to appeal to which demographic really? Series has sucked since Lucas made the special editions. Force Awakens was competent, but who thought Rian Johnson was a good idea?

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Force awakens was HORRIBLE. I saw it for the first time last night, for free of course, and decided to see just how bad it was. I was expecting the girl power, SJW crap, but I wasn't expecting it to be a bad re-hash of the first movie from 1977! Nearly identical scenes, plot lines, battles etc. I won't spell them all out. I went to IMDB to list them, but I found they were all covered by numerous reviews.

The other thing was the girl finding out she had the force, and without training suddenly being able to defeat a powerful Jedi who has been training all his life. That would be like discovering you have a high VO2 max, and deciding to race in the Tour de France without any training, and WINNING! lol

Also the whole geezer action heroes reunion/action sequences was absolutely cringe worthy.

The only good thing was the actress playing Rey was easy on the eyes. Thin and healthy, no purple hair, no bull dyke tendencies etc.

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The worst part of all that overpowered Rey shit is that we were all forced to endure two years of endless excuse-making and fan theories about why. I spent a lot of time with my fandom friends trying to explain that no, it was just shitty, self-insert writing and that Disney would likely double down on it in the next film. There was no plan for her other than a directive from on high that said WOMEN MUST BE BETTER THAN MEN IN ALL THINGS ALWAYS.

And I was proven right by TLJ.

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They try to make everyone happy... but instead make no-one happy. Communism!

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One crappy movie indeed, the Finn/Rose Canto Bight mess was a joke

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The old extended universe still exists and it is a far superior continuation of the original trilogy, Just refuse to acknowledge the sequel trilogy as anything more than badly written fan fiction.

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I wondered why china hated it so much that they pulled it, but after the forced kiss/love scene with the black guy I understood.

Like it wasn't bad enough they chose a fat cowardly chinese girl as a main character but they also made her fall in love with the black guy and kiss him for no god damn reason.

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Star Wars is ruined and it can't be fixed and that makes me laugh so hard

Lucas gets the last laugh

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