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Ok, so I admit I had to go with extended family to see Panther. (There is only so much redpilling one man can do, I still love my family and they are coming around, but Rome wasn’t built in a day).

It was pretty good for the first 30 minutes, then it just fell apart. So fucking boring and ridiculous. Spoiler (to what I don’t know) First, you have this amazing techno advance nigger society, but guess how, after 10000 years of being the most advanced society on Earth, guess how they get their new leader? Two pavement apes fight with sticks on the edge of a cliff to see who kills who? Really? Two niggers chimping out for mating rights? I though I was watching the nature channel.

I was snoring loudly after that, seriously my fam got a little mad/making my fun of me for snoring in the theater because of the other patrons. Bahaha fuck them, next time make a decent movie I don’t pass out in from boredom.


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Yeah. Someone told me the entire movie boiled down to tribal warfare.