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How funny - so did Americans.

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although Americans bought tickets or at least Marvel/Disney marketed the new movie well and gave freebies to make the cool kidz see the film...the Black Pnather We wuz Kangz film it already made its money in the USA. its going to score high, maybe a Billion but not as high as say Avengers, Transformers, Jurassic Park World Dinosaurs or Avatar or that other shit ...Chinese are difficult for Hollyweird global perverts to predict, some American movies they love while others collapse and bomb. Some animated Disney Pixar stuff which does poor/ok in the US will sometimes sell very well in China, the market in Asia is very difficult for Hollyweird types to predict, Japan is also notoriously late putting its movies into Cinema maybe its the whole dubbing subtitles thing? By the time a film is released in Japan it is usually already released with many pirated almost dvd quality copies, the Japanese market is almost rigged and set for Hollywood movies to fail.

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Biggest complaint of BP was the one fight in the dark, nobody could see nuthin' lol---and the Chinese last year refused to see The Last Jedi because ugly Boyega had a Chinese Girlfriend(only grossed $40 million there while The Fast and The Furious grossed $400 million)--Chinese hate blacks, some of the few blacks there have even returned to Africa--Hong Kong resident on RedditHongKong thread last year: "We see blacks as dumb and ape-like"

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No that ugly Asian chick was a gook (Vietnamese) and not a Chink. Chinks don't like gooks, especially pudgy, ugly ones. Gooks will never sell in China.

The problem with Hollywood is that they think all Asians are alike and come a generic country called Asia. Oh yeah, Chinese hate niggers too. So the whole Africoon-Gook love mix really won't sell at all in China.

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its a liberal problem, they think all of the different european groups are just 'white', and all blacks are 'african american'. Fucking idiots

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This is bull shit. Chinese do like blacks...they don't like dark skinned blacks. Colorism is just as deep in their culture as anyone elses.

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No one wants to see niggers, except niggers.

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I'm not Chinese and I say the movie is for blacks who wish they were good at anything.

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It's a power fantasy. I saw it last night (fuck me, why did I agree to go, you know?), and the only thing about it was 'black good, white bad.'

You can tell it's made by whites though. Even with the whites as the 'bad people,' the film feels like a white man's perspective on the Africa issue. The villain even makes a point about what artifacts are from where, yet 'Wakanda' is a mish-mash of cultures from across Africa. THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT OF WAKANDA IS THAT IT'S ISOLATED! WHY THE FUCK ARE CULTURES FROM SOUTH/WEST/NORTH AFRICA REPRESENTED? IS IT THAT WAKANDA IS A BLACK PERSON'S RANDOM WET DREAM KNOWING NOTHING OF THE TRUE DIFFERENCES IN AFRICA?

Anyway, here's my take on the movie: 1. African shrooms are better than American shrooms; very trippy, with northern lights and big cat wet dreams. 2. A knife to the chest, enough to kill someone, doesn't matter until ~20 minutes have passed. 3. Women are supposedly stronger and more noble than men (Ha, fucking disney. We know better, you dousches). 4. Ritually scarring yourself with marks somehow will never leave you with more scars than skin; just enough to look crazy while being unseen with a shirt on. 5. Barking at a white man is considered empowering (I had seen the comments earlier, but good god, that scene made me cringe. how fucking stupid can you look while trying to be 'badass').

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I'm all for telling stories set in different countries, and for not pandering to the Chinese market. In fact, fuck the Chinese market. They're ruining our movies because Hollywood is dumbing down, selling out, and being bought out for those people.

But where these two things in a different context could be a good thing, this is more proof that the current leadership at Disney is destroying a once-great American brand.

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ffs...who cares its a black cast. ITS MSM promoting it as a fucking fucking bible

lern your fucking targets

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Agree, seeing far too much autistic screeching at the black cast like its offensive, its not, let them have their fucking bones. The MSM is the issue, its their hype and arrogance pushing the white genocide narrative of black good white bad +1 for (((diversity))) bullshit. Its a nigger movie for niggers, dont get your panties in a twist over someone targeting an audience that isnt you.

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lol Its absolutely just too unbelievable. Niggers don't make heroes. They are almost always the villains.

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Ha. One of the reviews reminds me of the old joke about philosophers. A blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat which isn't there.

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