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There are a shitload of Christian African Americans. Who are they trying to cater to?

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The same shit happened with The Golden Compass. The religious ideas were taken out thereby ensuring that they would never do a sequel on with the same actors, presentation, etc.

This is a shame since the visuals of that movie were incredible.

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The Golden Compass was explicitly an atheist piece of work, the author wrote the books as a counterpoint to the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe which is positively brimming with religious messages.

It was explicitly a message against religion, which is part of why it got shat on and no sequel is ever going to happen.

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That's kind of a duh thing since in one of the later books. But for there to be that message, you kind of have to have the religious references of which there are a fuckton.

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My Wife and Daughter went and saw the movie yesterday. 13yr old daughter said "it was ok", which is code for "it sucked". My wife said it was pretty bad. She said the script writing was shallow and boring, and when that happens, the actors look bad. I've never seen an actor make a bad script sound good. The only thing going for this movie is the 100 million they spent on special effects

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yeah i totally agree. I liked the book a lot more.

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Disney seems to be on a mission to ruin all the things.

*Although I think Star Wars Rebels was good. Dave Filoni did a job imo.

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I fucking hate the trailer for it. The visuals look nuts but the acting from the trailer alone just seems horrid.

“Do you trust me!?”

“I trust you!”

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Ava DuVernay's adaptation of Madeleine L'Engle's classic is visually arresting