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ive reached the point that if the movie is a remake, or has 40% or more blacks, i dont watch.

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Or comic book man-child faggotry.

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yeah i stopped at batman...this shit is outta control. heath ledger was bad ass tho.

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The stupid thing about “diversity” pushing in movies is that they don’t go all the way. It’s just black. Go all the way make every character a small non white race like a Polynesian,a bushmen or Australian aborigine

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i drunk/ but i think all blacks in films should bre portrayed as mr hankyhahhhahahaahahahah

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the only good remake was the new "robocop'. worth a watch

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This movie looks to have the same lame SJW casting that the current season of Once Upon A Time has. Races are wrong. A Mexican with a Hispanic accent plays a white Disney princess. This shit is fucked up.

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The director is on record as saying she deliberately switched the races of the main character because she thought it would be wonderful to have a little black girl save the universe, or whatever.

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That's the thing, though.

If this shit happened naturally, we'd have no issue with blacks. If they contributed to society and were a net add - maybe they'd have some weird cultural shit we couldn't relate to, but if they were overall as productive as whites, and generally shared our values? There'd be no real problem there.

But the reality of the situation is far different. A black saving the universe? Please. They're far more likely to burn everything to the ground and destroy everything that separates us from animals.

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The art direction the film also looks awful. They went with a bastardized rip off of the hunger games and it looks terrible.

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huge mistake--Should have been a white girl and no Oprah

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Black rapunzel was stupid because black people's hair doesn't get long like that.

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No but their weaves can

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Christian propaganda rewritten to be divercity propaganda, with a giant dollop of oprah playing an angel. Of course it's horrible.

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Christian propaganda

I mean, there's gotta be a line. A place where you separate what you call 'propaganda' and what you'd call anything that promotes any kind of system of beliefs or ideals.

Is it propaganda because it doesn't explicitly say its themes are Christian? Does propaganda mean not being forthcoming with that type of information?

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In its essence propaganda is just dialectics. In principle it isn't good or bad.

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Yes, duh.

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A nigger angel... give me a fucking break

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Wait til they remake Chronicles of Narnia and the lion is a nigger faggot with HIV while the witch is a pozzed tranny and the wardrobe's full of shit and needles

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Chronicles of San Francisco basically

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Can't be: nobody in San Fran is in the closet.

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From the stills, it looks like niggers on parade. I don't watch nigger movies these days. Obama soured me on all things nigger.

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The exact feeling I got. It was purely a 'look at all the non-white people we cast ' feel to it.

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Accidentally watching this trailer is when I first realized I used to never question anything from hollywood, I just watched it if it seemed interesting. Now I can't imagine watching anything from there again ever. They even destroyed Star Wars, there is simply nothing left. They aren't going to go through a full rejection, they already did.

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Anyone shoving Disney down their kid's snout deserves the shitty adult they get back.

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Romans 3:23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:9-10.

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